Nassau County registers all for-hire vehicles operating within its borders; for-hire vehicles include taxis, limousines, and other pre-arranged paid transportation. All for-hire vehicles operating in Nassau County must be registered with the Nassau County Taxi & Limousine Commission (NCTLC).

"Operating" is defined as dropping-off or picking-up passengers within Nassau County.

Each registered vehicle must display the Nassau County Taxi & Limousine Commission registration decal on the passenger side of the windshield. In addition, the registration card must be kept in the vehicle at all times. This registration decal and card signifies that the vehicle has been properly inspected by the state and that safety checks are performed by the owner and operator at the start of each working day. If you hire transportation, and the vehicle is not registered with the County, you are taking the risk that the vehicle is not safe and that the operator is not licensed by a jurisdiction within the County. Unregistered for-hire vehicles may be stopped and impounded by the police or NCTLC Investigators; don't be late for appointments, trains, or getting together with your friends and family. Demand TLC-registered vehicles every time you ride.  The registration decal also provides for easy identification and allows for more efficient and effective countywide regulation and enforcement of the industry. If you need to report your ride, make note of the TLC Registration ID Number and contact us as soon as possible.