Compliance & Investigation

The Investigations Unit investigates complaints of discrimination by aggrieved individuals. Nassau County law defines discrimination as follows:  

"Discrimination" means any difference in treatment based on actual or perceived  race, creed, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, religion, source of  income, sexual orientation, age, marital status, familial status, or disability and shall include segregation, except that it shall not be discrimination for any  religious or denominational institution to devote its facilities, exclusively or primarily,  to or for members of its own religion or denomination or to give preference to such  members or to make such selection as is calculated by such institution to promote  the religious principles for which it is established or maintained, unless membership   in such religion is restricted on account of race, color, or national origin. Section 21- 9.2(d) of the Nassau County Administrative Code.


Investigations of discrimination usually begin upon receipt of a complaint. The complaint may be initiated by mail, telephone, or a personal visit to the office.

The complainant is interviewed concerning the nature of the alleged discriminatory act. If the initial process reveals that a 'prima facie' (or first instance) case of discrimination has been made, a verified complaint is then accepted. A verified complaint may be filed under Nassau County Administrative Code or under New York State Human Rights Law, under a Memorandum of Understanding with the New York State Division on Human Rights. Throughout the process, every effort is made to resolve the matter through persuasion and conciliation.

Training Sessions

The Investigations Unit also conducts training sessions among county agencies and in the private sector, to promote equality of treatment and access, to all people.

Contact the Investigations Unit
If you have any questions or believe that you have been the victim of unlawful discriminatory acts, you should call the Investigations Unit at 516-571-3662.