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Asian American Affairs

Who We Are

The Office of Asian American Affairs is a department of Nassau County tasked with serving as the liaison between the county government and its Asian population. Our mission is to coordinate resources for the Asian community with the goal of educating, empowering and developing integration initiatives that will foster greater participation in Nassau County’s social, economic, and civic life. Our staff works with the County Executive’s Office and other County agencies on the research, analysis, and implementation of policy to ensure that the Asian community is afforded equal opportunities, meaningful engagement, and access to Nassau County government services.

What We Do

Community Resource & Outreach

Provide language access assistance to constituents seeking information about existing community and/or services related to employment, health, housing, and educational concerns

Organize cultural events to promote the diversity of Nassau County and allow residents to feel included in the fabric of the county.

Economic Integration

Promote full participation of Asian-owned businesses in competing for bidding contracts in Nassau County.

Provide a platform for the development of an information network on Nassau economic initiatives.

Provide analysis of existing/emerging trends or needs in the Asian community


Aid the administration and the County Executive on the Asian communities’ needs and develop appropriate responses and programs.

Support county departments in strategic planning to address the needs of the Asian community, including outreach mechanisms

Assist in the identification of the best practices in the delivery of services and implementation of programs that serve our Asian constituency