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Living and Working

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Working for the Government Nassau County Civil Service Commission
The Nassau County Civil Service Commission ensures County taxpayers of a public workforce qualified for their jobs pursuant to the principles of selection according to merit and fitness. Information about available positions and an application to take the Civil Service Examination is available.

Nassau County Gov't Employment Opportunities
Dept. of Social Services Positions
Glen Cove Civil Service
The City of Glen Cove administers its own Department of Civil Service.

City of Long Beach
The City of Long Beach administers its own Department of Civil Service.

Working for New York State
Information for County Employees & Retirees
Employment Resources & Assistance Employment for Temporary Assistance Clients Job Placement
Job Development
Work Experience
Job Development Center
The Job Development Center is the unit of the Human Rights Commission devoted to assisting residents of the County to find employment. It is the aim of the Job Development Center to assist all residents, with emphasis on minority group members, in achieving this goal. The Center also refers applicants to job training, alerts the community to upcoming Civil Service examinations and County job opportunities. The Job Development Center cooperates with the Office of Women's Services, CASA, and the Office of Veteran's Affairs in providing services to County residents. Calling (516) 571-3553 or coming to the office at 240 Old Country Road, 6th floor, Suite 606, Mineola, NY 11501 can reach the Job Development Center.

New York State Department of Labor Job Resources
Senior Employment Opportunities Senior Community Service Employment Program
The Nassau County Department of Senior Citizen Affairs, the National Council on Aging and the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) administer an employment program which enables a limited number of economically disadvantaged persons, age 55 or older, to work 20 hours per week in public or private non-profit agencies: Nassau County Department of Senior Citizen Affairs (516) 571-4330 AARP 661-6040 National Council On Aging (516) 485-5431.

Job Placement Service
The Department offers a free employment service for Nassau County residents age 55 and over. Potential employees and employers may contact: Nassau County Department of Senior Citizen Affairs (516) 571-4330.

Job Training Partnership Act - Workforce Investment Act
Federally sponsored programs provide a wide range of services including vocational assessment and counseling, job placement assistance, vocational skills training and availability of resource facilities. For qualifications and further information: Residents of the Town of Oyster Bay, Town of North Hempstead and the City of Glen Cove, contact Town of Oyster Bay Division of Employment Training 797-4560. Residents of the Town of Hempstead and the City of Long Beach contact Town of Hempstead Department of Occupational Resources (DOOR) 485-5000.

New York State Job Service
Local offices offer employment opportunities and counseling to older persons. For information: (516) 623-1950 (516) 486-3435 (516) 938-9840.

Master Crafters
This non-profit service provides an opportunity for self-employment to handicrafters age 60 and over, which are residents of Nassau County. To submit crafts or volunteer time, call: (516) 627-5484.
Veterans Employment Resources Nassau Vets Program
A program to help Nassau County Veterans find employment and housing.

New York State Department of Labor Veterans' Services
As a veteran, you can get a much-needed competitive edge in today's tough labor market by visiting a New York State Department of Labor office.

Federal Office of Personnel Management
This site contains information for job seeking veterans, veterans currently employed by the Federal Government, and Federal human resources specialists.

US Dept of Labor, New York Regional Solicitor's Office
Veterans' Reemployment: The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) protect veterans, reservists, and other military personnel from discrimination in employment in the private sector. The Office provides legal support to the Veterans Employment and Training Services, and litigates violations of this statute in U.S. District Court.
Day Care
Through the Department of Social Services, childcare is provided not only to residents on temporary assistance, but also to working families who meet income guidelines for subsidies. Various kinds of childcare are available throughout Nassau County. To obtain more information visit the Department of Social Services’ website or call the application unit at 516-571-5165.