Temporary Heat Permit and Safety Requirements

November 17, 2020

To: Nassau County Fire Departments, Town / City / Village Building Departments, Business and Property Owners
Temporary Heat Permit & Safety Requirements

A Temporary Heat Permit is issued when heating or cooking with propane and the propane cylinders are exchanged when empty and total quantity is less than 420 pounds per location and shall comply with FPO Article 6 and section 6.5.6. Containers in use shall be placed to ensure against tipping and protected from physical damage. Portable heaters utilizing Liquefied Petroleum Gas must be equipped with a safety pilot device which will shut off the flow of gas should the pilot light be extinguished. Containers must be outside the building at an approved location. Approved carbon monoxide detection alarms shall be installed in all areas where heaters fueled by Liquefied Petroleum Gas are in use. Installation of detection alarms shall be in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements.

If the total capacity is 420 pounds/100-gallons or greater the installation shall comply with FPO Cylinders in use shall be protected from damage, tipping, and unauthorized tampering.

The storage of spare cylinders shall be 25 foot from any building, in ether noncombustible, top, and bottom vented structure, or surrounded by substantial metal fence encloser. Such enclosures shall be adequately secured against access by unauthorized persons.

420 Pound/100-gallon cylinders 

420lb cyl

Spare Storage Crash Protection

If you have any questions, please call the Industrial Division 516-573-9940.