Food Truck Checklist

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Mobile Food Preparation Vehicles

The following are requirements of the Fire Code of NYS and the reference standards NFPA 58 & 96 “Annex B”. These regulations, along with existing NYS DOT regulations provide a way to continue to operate mobile food preparation vehicles in a safe manner.

Below is a list of items that will be checked upon inspection of your food truck and shall serve as a guide along with the Fire Marshal Bulletin on Mobile Food Preparation Vehicles.

  • Proof of Valid Vehicle Inspection (sent with application)
  • Proof of Valid Vehicle Registration (sent with application)
  • Proof of Current Insurance (sent with application)
  • Current Nassau County Health Department Permit (sent with application)
  • All Headlights/Directional/Brake/Marker/Reverse Lights, etc. Functional
  • Vehicle Exhaust System Clear of Cargo, Free of Damage, etc.
  • Two Wheel Chocks/Blocks and Proper Stabilization if Required
  • Three or More Emergency Reflectors (no flares/no open flame)
  • 200 lbs. Maximum LPG (Propane)
  • LPG Cylinders Secure and Protected from Damage, Including Crash Protection
  • Generator Fuel Source Protected and Secured (if used)
  • LPG (Propane) Tanks within Date (10 Years from Manufactures Date on Collar or 5 Years from Reinspection Date), Not Rusted, Painted, Damaged, etc.
  • Automatic Extinguish System in Place and Inspected Within 6 Months*
  • Hood and Duct in Place and Cleaned within 6 Months or Sooner if Needed*
  • Maximum 120 gal. of Cooking Oil, Labeled, Properly Stored (including waste oil)
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection in Place and Functional
  • LPG/Explosive Gas Detection in Place and Functional (if applicable)
  • All Electrical Wiring Installed as per National Electric Code/no Extension Cords in Place of Permanent Wiring/no Open Junction Boxes, etc.
  • Class K Fire Extinguisher Present near Cooking Area, Inspected Within One Year*
  • One 10 Lb 5B:C (Minimum) or Two 2 ¾ LB 4B:C Fire Extinguishers Present, away from Cooking Area, Inspected within One Year *

*All hoods, extinguishers and AES systems must be inspected/serviced by a Nassau County licensed contractor and affixed with an appropriate tag. For a list of licensed contractors, please visit:

For the Initial Inspection Please Include Copies of the Following with your Application:

Fee for Initial Application $320

  • Drawing Showing Truck Layout, Cooing Line, AES, Hood & Duct, Carbon Monoxide (CO) And LPG/Explosive Gas Detector Locations, Fire Extinguisher Locations (Class K and Class B/C). Hand or Computer Drawn is Acceptable.
  • Affidavit That Hood And Duct System is UL Listed And Installed to the Manufactures Specification.
  • Affidavit that The Automatic Fire Extinguishing System (AES) is UL Listed and Includes Automatic Shut Off for Fuel and Power to Cooking Equipment.
  • Valid Vehicle Inspection.
  • Valid Vehicle Registration.
  • Proof of Current Insurance.
  • Current Nassau County Health Department Permit.

For Renewals, Please Include Copies of the Following with your Application:

Fee for Renewal $165

  • Valid Vehicle Inspection
  • Valid Vehicle Registration
  • Proof of Current Insurance
  • Current Nassau County Health Department Permit

All Applications Shall Be Notarized

All checks to be made out to “Nassau County Treasurer”

You will be contacted by the Fire Marshal to determine an inspection date and time.