Basic Guidelines for Factory High Hazard Storage

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Nassau County Public Safety Center 1194 Prospect Avenue
Westbury, New York 11590 (516) 573-9940

Basic Guidelines for Fire Safety  
Factory High Hazard Storage
Industrial Type Occupancy


1. Building address shall be clearly marked
2. Exit doors and pathways shall be cleared from all obstructions, not blocked with
ice, snow, cars, vegetation, trash, dumpsters or etc.
3. Fire Department Connection has clear access, swivels freely and signage stating: FIRE DEPARTMENT CONNECTION or FDC
4. No excessive weeds, bushes, or other overgrowth
5. No excessive waste or garbage
6. Fire apparatus access roads shall be unobstructed, not less than 20 feet wide and an unobstructed vertical clearance of not less than 13 feet 6 inches
7. Fire apparatus access roads shall have proper signage stating: NO PARKING - FIRE LANE
8. Yard fire hydrants shall have vehicle crash protection and have clear access for the fire department
9. Service and maintenance records for the yard hydrants shall be up to date and available for inspection
10.    Emergency lighting is required on the exterior of every marked exit door


1. Exit and exit ways shall be maintained cleared of any obstructions
2. Exit doors shall be unlocked and have push-bar or ADA lever type panic hardware
3. Secondary locking devices shall not be present on emergency exit doors (dead bolts, drop bars, etc.)
4. Doors leading to exit ways shall be unlocked
5. Fire doors are to be self-closing and shall not be blocked, chocked, or fastened in the open position Exception: unless door latch open devices are controlled by the fire alarm system
6. Storage shall not be permitted in stairwells
7. Exit signs shall be illuminated either internally or externally
8. Emergency lighting or back-up generator at the location shall be tested and witnessed by the Fire Marshal’s Office annually Last test date ________
9. Written emergency plans shall be in place
10. No Smoking signs shall be posted
11. Portable fire extinguishers shall be mounted, readily accessible and serviced yearly by a contractor who is licensed by the Nassau County Fire Marshal Last serviced__________
12. Portable fire extinguishers and distance traveled shall be proper for hazard class
13. Portable fire extinguishers shall have extinguisher signs above them at a height that can be seen from 75 feet away
14. Automatic Fire Alarm System shall be serviced annually, green tagged near fire alarm control panel, and not be in trouble or shut down Last serviced___________
15. Fire alarm control panel and all pull stations shall not be obstructed at any time
16. Fire alarm control panel shall have a green service tag indicating fire alarm is in service
17. Fire Alarm, fire sprinkler control and fire department connections shall be properly identified. Including doors leading to rooms containing fire safety systems
18. Location shall have a valid Fire Alarm Permit. Expiration date_________
19. CO Detection present and not in a trouble condition or shut down. Last service __________
20. Sprinkler System has pressure, a green service tag hanging on risers and serviced quarterly by a contractor who is licensed by the Nassau County Fire Marshal Last serviced date____________
21. Sprinkler system service valve and/ or post indicator valve and fire department connection shall be accessible
22. Sprinkler system’s Outside Screw & Yoke (OS&Y) valve and/or post indicator valve and water flow shall be electrically supervised and shall be automatically transmitted to an approved supervising station and have an audible signal at the location
23. Storage of combustibles shall be at least 18” below deflector of sprinkler heads or 24” below ceiling if not sprinklered building
24. Fire Department Connection (FDC) shall be tested once every five-year Last test date__________
25. Extension cords shall not be used in place of permanent wiring
26. Electrical panels shall be accessible and have no storage with-in 36 inches in all directions
27. Electrical panels shall be labeled and no open spots in panel
28. Open electrical wiring splices or open electrical boxes shall not be allowed
29. Combustible storage shall not be in boiler rooms, mechanical rooms, or electrical equipment rooms or within 36 inches of any heat producing appliance
30. Electrical equipment shall be installed and used as per the codes and manufacture specifications
31. No storage shall be in elevator machine rooms
32. Areas shall be kept free of excessive combustibles and/or dust that could cause an explosion or fire hazard
33. There shall be no missing ceiling tiles or openings in the ceiling, this is to aid in the activation of the fire alarm and not allow the spread of fire
34. Listed metal waste containers with self-closing lids shall be used for oily rags and other garbage susceptible to spontaneous ignition
35. Waste containers shall be emptied daily
36. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), SDS and/or GHS shall be on site and updated
37. Flammable and combustible liquids shall be stored properly
38. When a flammable/hazardous storage cabinet is used. It shall be vented to the outside or vent holes plugged off
39. What is the forklift powered by_____________?
40. Propane cylinders shall not be stored indoors, storage of spare cylinders shall be in an approved storage cage, 25-foot distances from any occupied buildings, and have crash protection.
41. When propane is in use on a forklift inside of a building, the doors to the building shall have signage, the signage shall read LPG IN USE INSIDE OF BUILDING
42. Battery units shall be in a protected area, 3 feet from combustible storage and no public access
43. Compressed gas cylinders in use and/or in storage shall be secured to something substantial to prevent from accidental tipping or falling, and if not in use have protective caps in place
44. Kitchen hood and duct shall be cleaned at least every 6 months. Last cleaning date ________
45. Automatic Extinguishing System (AES) systems shall be inspected every 6 months by a contractor who is licensed by the Nassau County Fire Marshal Last serviced date _________
46. Clean agent Automatic Extinguishing Systems (AES) systems shall be inspected every 6 months Last serviced date _______
47. Aisle shall be maintained clear of storage, waste, and debris with a minimum width of 36 inches with an occupancy of less than 50 people, 48 inches with an occupancy of 50 people or more
48. Aisle with rack storage shall be maintained with a minimum width of 44 inches in sprinklered buildings and 96 inches in non-sprinklered buildings and/or is accessible by the public and/or has high hazard commodities
49. In areas with rack storage, Fire Department access doors, aisles and exits shall not be obstructed
50. Shelving shall be open type to allow for the overhead sprinkler system access to the lower racks or in rack sprinkler coverage shall be required
51. What is the commodity classification________ and plastic group__________ according to the 2020 Fire Code of New York State Section 3203 Commodity Classification
52. What is the rack storage height______ and shelving material__________?
53. Ventilation shall be required were hazardous commodities are being stored, used or for sale
54. Racks structural integrity shall be maintained
55. Flue spaces shall be required in racks and be maintained, and no stock stored in the flue areas
56. Storage areas shall be maintained in an orderly manner with no unnecessary accumulation of combustibles
57. Is a Flammable Finish License required Expiration date__________?
58. The use of gasoline or other flammable solvent for cleaning shall be prohibited
59. No portable heaters or open flame heaters in flammable/combustible storage areas
60. Is an Oxidizer Storage Permit required Expiration date_________?
61. Is a Cutting and Welding Certificate of Fitness (COF) required? Is COF holder on site?
62. Cutting and welding operations shall not be conducted in areas where there is flammable liquids or vapors or loose combustible materials
63. Floors in areas where cutting and welding is being conducted shall be clean, free from oil and for flooring constructed with wood, it shall be covered with a fire resistive material
64. If hot work area is accessible to persons other than the operator of the hot work equipment, signs shall be posted to warn others before entering the hot work area: CAUTION-HOT WORK IN PROGRESS-STAY CLEAR

Any questions please call the Industrial Division at 516-573-9940