Mercantile Regulations

Guidelines for Mercantile Establishments

  1. Entrance and exit lobbies shall be maintained clear of all encumbrances (pedestal stands, stock, rubbish, etc.) Snow and/or ice accumulation on the exterior of any exit door shall be cleared.
  2. Exit ways and exit signs shall be illuminated at all times.
  3. Exit doors shall be able to be opened from the inside without the use of keys or any special knowledge or effort. Slide-bolts, padlocks, bars or any other locking device except single action panic hardware, are not permitted on any emergency exit door.  

This regulation is in effect twenty-four (24) hours a day.

  1. Combustible materials (charcoal, fire wood, etc.) and/or flammable materials (lighter fluid, etc.) shall not be stored or displayed near entrances and exits.
  2. No turnstiles or other devices to restrict the movement of persons shall be installed in such a manner as to interfere in any way with required exits. Where turnstiles are installed, there shall be a swinging door or gate opening freely in the direction of exit travel, immediately adjacent thereto or within twenty (20) feet.
  3. Where shopping carts are provided, they shall not be stored or left unattended in aisles, lobbies, or exit ways.
  4. Aisles shall be of adequate with, not less than forty-four (44) inches for main aisles, and thirty-six (36) inches for secondary aisles. All designated aisles shall be kept clear and unobstructed at all times.
  5. Tables of merchandise, clothing racks, displays, loose merchandise, pedestal signs, tables, etc. shall not be permitted in any aisles. This includes the end of aisles (end caps) as well.
  6. Storage shall not be permitted in any stairwell.
  7. Fire doors are to be self-closing and shall not be blocked, chocked or fastened in the open position.
  8. Storage areas shall be maintained in an orderly manner with no unnecessary accumulations of combustibles, etc. Aisles shall be maintained in storage areas with a minimum width of thirty-six (36) inches.
  9. The top level of all stock shall be at least eighteen (18) inches below the level of sprinkler heads.
  10. The use of flammable decorations is prohibited. A certificate of flame-proofing or a manufacturer’s statement that the decorations are non-combustible shall be provided upon request.
  11. All cardboard boxes shall be broken down and tied or baled securely. All combustible trash must be stored in metal-covered metal containers while awaiting removal from the premises. The interior and exterior of the premise must be clear of combustible trash and pallets at all times.
  12. Emergency lighting shall be provided in all areas, including the exterior of all exit doors. All units shall be maintained in good working order. Where required, an annual test of the emergency lighting system shall be witnessed by the Nassau County Fire Marshal.
  13. LPG (propane) storage is prohibited inside any occupied building. LPG containers must be stored at least twenty-five (25) feet from any building, structure or lot line in a non-combustible, top and bottom vented structure or metal enclosure which is adequately secured against access by unauthorized persons.
  14. Portable fire extinguishers shall be supplied in conspicuous locations, every seventy-five (75) feet and mounted between four (4) inches and forty (40) inches from the finished floor to the top of the extinguisher.  
  15. Portable fire extinguishers shall not be obstructed and shall be readily accessible at all times.
  16. Portable fire extinguishers shall be serviced by a contractor and technician both licensed by the Nassau County Fire Marshal once a year or when discharged.
  17. Storage shall not be permitted in electric meter rooms or within thirty-six (36) inches of any electrical panel.
  18. The fire sprinkler control valves shall not be obstructed at any time.
  19. The fire sprinkler system shall be serviced quarterly by a contractor licensed by the Nassau County Fire Marshal’s Office. The contractor shall hold a valid Type 2 License for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance, and the technician shall hold a Certificate of Fitness for the same.
  20. Extension cords are prohibited in place of permanent wiring in any commercial premise.
  21. Storage shall not be permitted in boiler rooms or within thirty-six (36) inches of any heat producing appliance (hot water heaters, ceiling mounted heaters, etc.)
  22. As required by New York State, the Sales Tax Certificate of Authority must be display in plain view at the place of business. Having this certificate displayed may avoid having any Appearance Tickets written to the manger/owner at location at time of inspection.
  23. Missing ceiling tiles or openings in ceilings shall be closed as these openings may delay activation of fire protection systems.
  24. Management shall prohibit smoking in stock areas, shipping and receiving areas, and all areas where packaging and waste material are stored or handled.
  25. Automatic fire extinguishing systems shall be serviced by a licensed contractor every six (6) months.
  26. Hood and duct systems shall be serviced every six (6) months or as needed when soiled.
  27. Storage shall not be permitted in elevator machine rooms.
  28. The fire alarm control panel and all pull stations shall not be obstructed at any time.
  29. For more detailed specifics and a complete list of regulations please see the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and the Nassau County Fire Prevention Ordinance. Local Town, City or Village ordinances may place additional restrictions on these guidelines.