Anthony S. Romano

Management & Budget
Title: HHS/Economic Development - Budget Examiner

Anthony Romano joined the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in January 2010. Anthony has over 15 years of accounting and budget experience. For the past six years, Anthony worked in the public sector as an accountant assisting small businesses in the evaluation of profit and loss statements and budgets as compared to actual expenses in reference to cost accounting. He also prepared company payroll, quarterly tax returns, financial statements, and annual Federal and State income tax returns. From 1996 to 2004, Anthony was the Fiscal Officer of the Hispanic Counseling Center (HCC) in Hempstead, New York. HCC is a multi-funded community-based agency licensed by New York State. He supervised the day-to-day operations of the Accounting Department, evaluated and monitored budgets versus actual expenses on a monthly basis, and submitted monthly claim expenditures to the local government for reimbursement. He was also responsible for the submission of HCC’s quarterly and annual consolidated fiscal reporting to the local, State and Federal government. Anthony also assisted in the purchase of a three-story building for the agency through the issuance of bonds through the Nassau County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) to create equity and establish fiscal soundness for the agency. From 1991 through 1996, Anthony worked for the Nassau County Youth Board as a Claims Auditor and Contract Specialist. During this time, Anthony attended Hofstra University where he majored in Banking and Finance. His responsibilities as a Claims Auditor included the development of grant contracts and budgets between agencies and the local and State governments. He evaluated agency accounting procedures in reference to governmental guidelines and procedures. He also monitored and approved proper backup documentation in reference to agency related expenses and revenues based on agency approved budgets. In addition, he assisted in the claims reimbursement process between local, State and Federal funding. From 1985 through 1991, Anthony worked full-time for Nassau County as a Stationary Engineer while earning his A.S degree in Business Administration from Nassau Community College in 1990. 

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