Stephen Feiner

Management & Budget
Title: Grants Managementt Unit - Director of Grants Mgt

Stephen Feiner joined the County in October 2002 when he became the Director of the newly created Office of Grants Management, which has since been merged into OMB as the Grants Management Unit. His responsibilities include identifying and disseminating appropriate grant opportunities to departments; facilitating the development of partnerships and coalitions for the purpose of developing grant applications and programs; assisting with the development of grant applications; monitoring and tracking County grant activities; and performing administrative functions necessary to maintain the efficient and professional operation of the County grant environment. His experience includes work as a financial analyst for investment banking firms in New York, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon; management of the documentation department of a software development company; and consulting, primarily in the areas of federal telecommunications contracting, financial and legal writing, and the development and management of grant applications and responses to Federal and corporate RFPs. He has a master’s degree in Education from Columbia University and a Juris Doctor Degree from Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsburg Law Center. 

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