Adult Services

Phone Number Makes Services for Vulnerable Adults More Accessible

Callers should dial 1-844-697-3505 for information about adult services

The New York State Human Services Call Center (HSCC) can answer questions about adult services, provide contact information for local Adult Protective Services (APS) units, or take information to be sent to local APS units regarding abuse, neglect, or exploitation of adults. The APS program serves adults (aged 18 or older) who, due to physical or mental impairments, are unable to protect themselves from abuse, neglect, or other harm, and have no one available who is willing or able to assist them responsibly.

Staff can also answer basic questions and contact information about the Family-Type Homes for Adults (FTHA) program, a type of adult care facility in which an operator provides care and supervision services in his or her own home. The phone lines are open Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 9:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. If someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911.

Adult Protective Services (APS)

Adult Protective Services accepts all referrals of adults, over the age of 18 years, who are alleged to be incapable of caring for themselves because of a physical or mental incapacity and/or are abused, neglected, or financially exploited by others; and have no one willing or able to assist them responsibly. Services may be provided free, without regard to income. A caseworker will visit the person in his/her home within 24 hours, if the allegation is life threatening; and within 3 working days if non-life threatening. Adult Protective Services uses a case management approach to evaluate eligibility for counseling, financial management services, and medical services. Anyone making a referral to adult protective services in good faith is protected from civil liability. For further information, call 516-227-8395.

Adult Preventive Services

Adult Preventive Services provides help for those adults who demonstrate a need for assistance in managing their activities of daily living, services may include medical and/or psychiatric support services, and financial management services. For further information, call 516-227-8395.

Family-Type Homes for Adults

Family-Type Homes for Adults provides a family living situation for adults who need supervision and care. Caring people open their homes to adults that are mentally or physically impaired who do not require the skilled care of a nursing facility. A request to become a Family-Type Homes for Adults operator or to refer an interested adult may be made directly to the Office of Adult Services at 516-227-8083.

Adult Services Financial Management

Adult Financial Management Services program is available for adults who are not able to manage their finances. It ensures the proper use of a person's income / resources and prevents the mismanagement and financial exploitation of those funds by others.  A referral may be made at our Information, Resource, and Referral Services Unit in person or by calling 516-227-8395.

Post Institutional Services

Post Institutional Services program coordinates with the Department of Mental Health and State private psychiatric hospital units to ensure the proper discharge of patients into the community with the necessary social service support. The coordinator of this program may be reached at 516-227-8488.

AIDS Services

The AIDS Services coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the people who have been diagnosed as being HIV or having AIDS receive all the services and benefits for which they are entitled from the Department of Social Services and many public and private helping agencies.

The Department has a dedicated HIV/Aids caseworker who assists visitor. For individuals who come to the building, the caseworker meets face to face and offers services available both at DSS and in the community.