We appreciate that the following recipients who have taken a few moments to express their appreciation for the assistance they received at Nassau County DSS

Medicaid: "I am writing to let you know that Mr. K. is truly a wonderful, kind, and very understanding person. My son is disabled and needs supports to work and stay independent. Mr. K took my son's case and transitioned him smoothly so he would not have any lapse in services. I want you to know Mr. K. listened to the issues at hand, understood the needs of my son, and cared. People like him make the world a better place. I will always be grateful to him."

Disabled Client Assistance Program: "I wish to commend Ms. L. on her professional skills and the concern she has shown to me. She has performed her duties above and beyond. You should be very proud of this employee. She has made a difference in this world."

Child Protective Services: "This week I got a case which involved a child that Ms. L. had worked with for years. (The child) was in one horrible situation after another…and now has permanency with her aunt. I made a school visit and school staff wanted me to relay that recently in class they were discussing everyday heroes. The kids were saying police officers and firemen, and the child said the people that help children (CPS). The school wanted me to please make sure that Ms. L. knew that this child sees her as a hero!"

Adult Services: "Ms. B. is a super caseworker! She is so helpful in so many ways, I want you to know she is an asset to your Social Services. She is a caring woman and cares for all of her clients. I am so, so, so happy to have her as my caseworker."

Investigations: "As the lead prosecutor on (a Federal prosecution case dealing with Medicaid and bank fraud), I am writing to thank the Nassau County Department of Social Services for its valuable assistance. Most important, Ms. G. from the Office of Investigations proved herself to be invaluable in both the pretrial phase, and during trial, in her articulate and comprehensive testimony. Ms. G. was candid, forthright and displayed her deep knowledge of Medicaid. Clearly, the verdict convicting both defendants of Medicaid fraud showed how completely the jury was persuaded by the critical testimony of Ms. G."

Temporary Assistance: "I would like to say a nice word about Mr. S. Today I had a public assistance eligibility interview scheduled with (a client). Looking at his Spanish language application, I suspected that there might be a language issue. Since Mr. S. speaks fluent Spanish, I asked if he would assist me with the interview and without hesitation, he did. During the interview I realized the importance of Mr. S.'s presence. It transcended just the technical ability to translate words. He clearly allayed the client's fears…explained what was required and precisely why it was necessary. Mr. S. was able to make this interview quick and painless for the client while being accurate and fair, using his knowledge of public assistance and his friendly demeanor…Thanks Mr. S!"

Medicaid: "I am writing to let you know of the wonderful work Ms. L. did to help me with an error in my Medicaid application. I was very distressed and overwhelmed … I am an 89-year-old widow… Ms. L. listened patiently with great care and understanding. In a matter of minutes, she found the error. She was so competent, quickly responsive, kind, and certainly well skilled in her position. I cannot find the words to describe my thanks and gratitude, except that she surely is an asset to your staff."