Fiscal Impact Statements Reports

Fiscal Impact Statements Clerk Items 33-23 & 41-23

Fiscal Impact Statement for Clerk Item 120-22

Fiscal Impact Statement for Clerk Item 23-22

Fiscal Impact Statement for Clerk Items 133-22 & 148-22

Local Laws 29-21, 40-21, 46-21

489-19 - A Local Law to add a new title to the Miscellaneous Laws of Nassau County to require Housing Cooperatives to take timely action upon applications by prospective purchasers.

197-19 - A Local Law to limit the sale of Flavored E-Cigarette and Liquid Nicotine products sold in Nassau County

FIS 402, 406, 407 - Local Laws

FIS 221-19, 222-19, 226-19, 229-19 - Local Laws

Fiscal Impact Statement Memo September 23, 2019 hearing

212-19 Environmental Infrastructure Planning and Development

61-19 A Local Law to amend the County Government Law of Nassau County in relation to the establishment of and Independently elected Assessor.

65-19 A Local Law to amend the Nassau County Administrative code in relation to increasing the civil penalties associated with the sale of age restricted products to individuals under the age of twenty-one.

68-19 A Local Law to establish the Asian American Affairs.

69-19 A Local Law to amend the Nassau County Administrative Code in relation to amending the Nassau County Human Rights Law to preclude housing discrimination against Veterans.

18-19 County Contracts to state the maximum amount of consideration payable to the vendor

15-19 Whistleblower protection to County Employees by removing certain notification requirements 

10-19 Protection against the Unlawful Disclosure of Intimate Images 

576-18 Extending Low Income Senior Exemption Filing Deadline

541-18 Amend Title 72

358-18 Sustainable Energy Loan Program Clerk Item

464-18 Public Access to All Active Parkland and Open Space

264-18 Tobacco 21 (PDF)

266-18 Tentative Assessed Value of Owned Property (PDF)

256-18 -Establish an Emergency Ambulance Bureau (PDF)

311-17 Repeal of Law in Relation to Fingerprinting NCSPCA Applicants for Peace Officers (PDF)

141-17 Indemnification of County Board Members (PDF)

190-17 Permanently Disqualify From Any County Elected or Appointed Office any person that has been convicted of a Felon (PDF)

2-14 Designating the Proper Parties to Receive Service of Process in Actions (PDF)

3-14 Establishing the Nassau County Emergency Solutions Grant (PDF)

97-14 Tobacco Settlement Corporation (PDF)

141-16 Local Law for Service-Disabled Veterans (PDF)

149-14 Animal Abuse Registry (PDF)

152-14 Purchasing Procedures (PDF)

161-14 Financial Disclosure (PDF)

190-16 Local Law for Real Property (PDF)

195-14 Establishing Speed Cameras in School Zones (PDF)

208-14 Immobilization and Removal of Illegally Parked Vehicles and Scofflaws (PDF)

210-14 Amending the Nassau County Administrative Code in relation to the Verification
of Section, Block, and Lot information (PDF)

227-16 Local Law for Identity Theft (PDF)

237-14 Regulate Pet Dealers and Pet Stores within Nassau County (PDF)

239-14 Water Resources Board (PDF)

266-16 Local Law for Sustainable Energy Loan Program (PDF)

295-16 Local Law for Victims of Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy (PDF)

316-14 Amending Titles D, D-1, and D-2 of Chapter 21 of the County Administrative Code

363-14 Licensing Environmental Hazard Remediation Providers (PDF)

393-16 Local Law for Fees payable to County Agencies (PDF)

396-16 Local Law for Penalties on Delinquent Taxes (PDF)

397-16 Local Law for the Amendment of Title B, Article 2 of Chapter 5 of the Administrative Code (PDF)

398-16 Local Law to Provide Greater Protection to Nassau County Consumers (PDF)

486-14 Management & Operation of a Nassau County fixed Route Transit & Paratransit Bus System (PDF)

499-14 Taxi and Limousine Commission (PDF)

540-16 Local Law for ASIE Amnesty Program (PDF)

326-17 Sale Tax Extender 2017 August (PDF)