Fiscal Impact Statements Reports

576-18 Extending Low Income Senior Exemption Filing Deadline

541-18 Amend Title 72 

358-18 Sustainable Energy Loan Program Clerk Item

464-18 Public Access to All Active Parkland and Open Space

264-18 Tobacco 21

266-18 Tentative Assessed Value of Owned Property

256-18 -Establish an Emergency Ambulance Bureau

311-17 Repeal of Law in Relation to Fingerprinting NCSPCA Applicants for Peace Officers

141-17 Indemnification of County Board Members

190-17 Permanently Disqualify From Any County Elected or Appointed Office any person that has been convicted of a Felony

2-14 Designating the Proper Parties to Receive Service of Process in Actions

3-14 Establishing the Nassau County Emergency Solutions Grant

97-14 Tobacco Settlement Corporation

141-16 Local Law for Service-Disabled Veterans

149-14 Animal Abuse Registry

152-14 Purchasing Procedures

161-14 Financial Disclosure

190-16 Local Law for Real Property

195-14 Establishing Speed Cameras in School Zones

208-14 Immobilization and Removal of Illegally Parked Vehicles and Scofflaws

210-14 Amending the Nassau County Administrative Code in relation to the Verification
of Section, Block, and Lot information

227-16 Local Law for Identity Theft

237-14 Regulate Pet Dealers and Pet Stores within Nassau County

239-14 Water Resources Board

266-16 Local Law for Sustainable Energy Loan Program

295-16 Local Law for Victims of Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy

316-14 Amending Titles D, D-1, and D-2 of Chapter 21 of the County Administrative Code

363-14 Licensing Environmental Hazard Remediation Providers

393-16 Local Law for Fees payable to County Agencies

396-16 Local Law for Penalties on Delinquent Taxes

397-16 Local Law for the Amendment of Title B, Article 2 of Chapter 5 of the Administrative Code

398-16 Local Law to Provide Greater Protection to Nassau County Consumers

486-14 Management  & Operation of a Nassau County fixed Route Transit & Paratransit Bus System

499-14 Taxi and Limousine Commission

540-16 Local Law for ASIE Amnesty Program

326-17 Sale Tax Extender 2017 August