Welcome to Open Enrollment 2024

Every year in December, Nassau County Comptroller’s Office has an Open Enrollment period. During this period all health benefits enrollees have the opportunity to make changes to their coverage or switch from one carrier to another.  

Please take time to review the all information relating to coverage, especially the Rate Charts which contains your monthly premium, before deciding to make changes. Monthly premiums are subject to change from year to year. Also be reminded that it is your responsibility to notify your department HR rep, or the Health Benefits Units of any change in your address, eligible dependents, Medicare eligibility, or marital status. If you fail to notify us in a timely manner, and the change result in premium costs that are not recoverable by Nassau County, you may be held responsible for these premiums. 

*Note: Retirees must respond to the request to “Attest” to your health coverage whether you are making changes or not.  Responding to the “Attestation” request notifies Nassau County that you want to continue your coverage.

Open Enrollment Information Documents: