All applications requesting to add a spouse or dependent to your health, dental, or optical coverage must be submitted with all the required documents.  

If you do not have all the required documents you must sign, date and submit the form to your HR representative.  Retirees must submit to the Comptroller’s Health Benefits Unit; you will have 30 days from the application date to provide the missing documents. Please see Covering you Spouse and Covering you Children section of the FAQ to ensure that you submit your application at the appropriate time in-order to avoid a waiting period. 

If you do not provide the missing documents within the 30 days allowed your spouse or dependent will be dis-enrolled retroactively to the effective date of coverage, and face waiting period of up to three months to be re-enrolled.

This does not apply to domestic partner applications.  Domestic partners must meet certain condition before being eligible for coverage.  All documents required to prove financial inter-dependency and cohabitation MUST be provided with the application before coverage can be effective for the domestic partner.