Q: If I retire in the State pension system, do I automatically get retiree health benefits? 

A: Not necessarily. You will receive health benefits as a retiree only if you have met the service requirements for retiree health benefits. (See "HEALTH BENEFITS RETIREMENT FOR EMPLOYEES OVER AGE 55" above). 

Q: As a retiree, is my primary medical carrier Medicare? 

A: If you are over age 65 and are receiving retiree health benefit from Nassau County (no longer working full time), you are Medicare eligible and therefore Medicare is your primary carrier for your coverage with Nassau County. You may also be Medicare primary if you are under age 65 and disabled. You should notify us immediately if this applies to you. The County will reimburse you for the regular cost of your Medicare Part B premium through checks issued twice a year.  The reimbursement amount will be prorated if you or your dependent become Medicare eligible, ineligible or decease during the year. 

For example: If you become Medicare eligible March 14th, you will be reimbursed for four months in June. If your dependent becomes Medicare eligible September 29th of the same year, you will be reimbursed six months for yourself in addition to four months for your dependent.

If you are being reimbursed for your Medicare Part B premium from another source, please notify us immediately. Failure to notify us may affect your future Medicare reimbursements. It is unlawful to accept a Medicare reimbursement check where you or your spouse/partner receives a duplication of benefits, such as a reimbursement check from another agency or company. 

Please note that enrollment in Medicare is not automatic, so please contact Social Security Administration, approximately three months before you or your spouse turns 65.  Please be aware that if you become Medicare eligible, and do not enroll timely, there could be serious monetary consequences – i.e. coordination of benefits issues (COB); and increase in premium payments if applicable.  For example, NYSHIP will only pay claims for the costs of services provided that are not covered by Medicare regardless of whether or not you were enrolled. You will be responsible for those costs that Medicare would otherwise have paid.  HIP HMO will cover the costs, but you will be responsible for higher premium cost for remaining in the HMO plan instead of the VIP plan.

Q: Why haven't I received my Medicare Part B reimbursement check? 

A: Part B reimbursement checks are currently mailed out in June and December. If your address has recently changed, you must send the Comptroller’s Office a signed letter with the change of address information. Also make sure that the Health Benefits Unit was notified of your Medicare eligibility.

If it is not an address problem, and the Health Benefits Unit was informed of your Medicare eligibility, please Contact Us at Comptroller's Health Benefits Unit.

Q: I was charged an extra amount for Part B due to my income. Will the County reimburse me for the extra premium? 

A: Yes.   The additional amount is referred to as an IRMAA (Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount).  In January of each year, if you are collecting Social Security Benefits, the SSA will send you Form SSA-1099.  The Form will list the amount of Medicare Part B and IRMAA premiums you paid in the past year.  Send a copy of the form to the Comptroller’s Health Benefits Unit no later than February 28th

If you are currently not collecting Social Security Benefits and are being billed directly by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), please send a copy of each quarterly bill for the year you are seeking reimbursement to the Comptroller’s Health Benefits Unit for the additional reimbursement.

IRMAA reimbursement checks are generally processed and mailed out in April of each year.