Q: My employment with the County is ending. May I continue my health benefits? 

A: Yes, however, your benefits depend on your age, the length of service with the County, your union, and when you started employment with the County.  You may be eligible for:

  • Retiree Health Benefits
  • Vestee Health Benefits
  • Retiree Health Benefits after you are awarded a State Disability Pension. Please note that the effective date of your disability retirement will be critical in determining whether you are eligible to continue your benefits.

Q: If I don't continue my health benefits, when do I lose coverage? 

A: Under current practice, on leaving County employment, health coverage continues until the end of the last day of the month following your separation from service. For example, if your last day on payroll with the County is April 10th, your coverage ends May 31st. 

Q: What happens if the County terminates my employment?

A: The rules that apply to continuation of health benefits are generally the same whether you leave County employment voluntarily or involuntarily.