Annual Tax Lien Sale

Nassau County Annual Tax Lien Sale - 2022 

On February 15th, 2022 the Nassau County Treasurer will sell at public on-line auction the tax liens on certain real estate, unless the owner, mortgagee, occupant of or any other party in interest in such real estate shall have paid to the County Treasurer by February 11th, 2022 the total amount of such unpaid taxes or assessments with the interest, penalties and other expenses and charges against the property.

Such tax liens will be sold at the lowest rate of interest, not exceeding 10 percent per six-month period, for which any person or persons shall offer to take the total amount of such unpaid taxes as defined in Section 5-37.0 of the Nassau County Administrative Code. 

Due to the postponement of last year’s sale in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this sale will contain unpaid taxes from both 2020 and 2021 tax years.  Each year’s unpaid taxes will be sold separately, so for example if a parcel has unpaid 2020 School and/or General taxes as well as unpaid 2021 School and/or General taxes, two separate liens will be sold on that parcel (identified by certificate number prefixes 2020 and 2021.)  Timelines of these liens regarding the interest periods and potential legal action taken by the lien holder if left unpaid after two years will be the same.

Registration period is January 21st through February 4th 2022.  To participate in the sale, registrants must first pay the registration fee ($175) place the required minimum deposit ($5,000) and submit a budget. Upon completion of the sale, 10% of the total purchase is immediately due.  The remaining 90% balance payment must be processed through the site by 3:00pm March 17th, 2022.  Failure to pay either the initial 10% or the 90% balance on time will result in loss of your deposit and 10% initial payment.

To access the online auction site click the Annual Tax Lien Sale link below.  To view the initial listing of available items click on the Advertising list of unpaid taxes to be sold in February 2022 link (this file will not be updated).)

County Treasurer
David Y. Chiang

Annual Tax Lien Sale

Notice To Tax Lien Purchasers

Terms of Sale

Advertising list of unpaid taxes to be sold in February 2022