Official Statements

2022A BONDS OS DATED 6-23-22
2022A BONDS POS DATED 6-3-22
Supplement Dated 4-5-21 to 2021A Bonds POS dated 3-29-21
2021A Bonds OS dated 4-6-21
2021A BONDS POS DATED 3-29-21
2021 A&B TAN'S, 2021 A&B RAN'S OS DATED 1-5-21
2020 B&C RAN'S OS DATED 7-29-20
2019B BONDS, 2019A&B TAN’S, 2020 RAN’S OS DATED 12-2-19 (PDF)
2019A BAN’S OS DATED 6-20-19
Supplement dated 6/17/19 to 2019A BAN’s POS dated 5/28/19
2019A BAN’S POS DATED 5-28-19
2019A BONDS OS DATED 5/1/19
2018B Bonds OS dated 12-12-18
2018A&B TAN’s, 2019 RAN’s, 2018B&C BAN’s OS dated 12-4-18 (PDF)
2018 RAN’s OS dated 9-20-18 
2018A Bonds & 2018A BAN’S OS dated 5-2-18 (PDF)
Supplement dated 12-21-17 to 2017C Refunding OS dated 12-12-17 (PDF)
2017C Refunding Bonds OS dated 12-12-17 (PDF)
Supplement dated 12-12-17 to OS dated 12-6-17 as supplemented 12-8-17 2017A&B TAN’s, 2017B BAN’s (PDF)
2017C Refunding Bonds, Supplement to POS dated 11-29-17 and 2017A&B TAN’s, 2017B BAN’s, Supplement to OS dated 12-6-17 (PDF)
2017A&B TAN’s, 2017B BAN’s, OS dated 12-6-17 (PDF)
Supplement dated 12-6-17 to 2017C Refunding Bonds, 2017A&B TAN’s and 2017B BAN’s POS dated 11-29-17 (PDF)
2017C REFUNDING BONDS, 2017A&B TAN’s, 2017B TAN’s POS dated 11-29-17 (PDF)
2017B BONDS & 2017A BAN’S OS DTD 6-1-17 (PDF)
2017 A Bonds OS DTD 1-18-17 (PDF)
2016 D BAN OS DATED 12-6-16 (PDF)
2016 A,B&C TAN’S OS DATED 12-15-16 (PDF)
2016C GO BONDS, 2016B&C BAN’s, 2016A RAN’s OS DATED 6-8-16 (PDF)
2015 TAN’S OS (PDF)
2015B BONDS, 2015C BAN’S, 2015A RANS OS DATED 5-20-15 (PDF)
2015A BONDS, 2015A&B BAN’S OS dated 1-22-15 (PDF)
2014A BONDS, 2014A&B TAN’s OS dated 12-4-14 (PDF)
2014A-BAN-2014A-B-RAN-OS-DATED-6-13-14 (PDF)
2013 BONDS OS DATED 8-8-13 (PDF)
2013 A&B RAN’S 6-20-13 (PDF)
Supplement To 2013A BONDS & BANS OS 2-21-13 (PDF)
2013A BONDS AND BANS OS 2-21-13(PDF)
TAN 2012 Series A B & C OS (PDF)
RAN 2012 Series A_B OS (PDF)
GO BOND & BAN 2012 Series A OS (PDF)
TAN 2011 Series A_B OS (PDF)
RAN 2011 Series A_B OS (PDF)
GO BOND 2011 Series A OS (PDF)
GO BOND 2010 Series E_F OS (PDF)
TAN 2010 Series A_B_C OS (PDF)
GO BOND 2007 Series A_B OS (PDF)
GO BOND 2010 Series C_D OS (PDF)
GO BOND 2010 Series A_B OS (PDF)
RAN 2010 Series A_B OS (PDF)
RAN 2009 Series A OS (PDF)
TAN 2009 Series A_B OS (PDF)
GO BOND 2009 Series H_I OS (PDF)
GO BOND 2009 Series F_G OS (PDF)
GO BOND 2009 Series E OS (PDF)
GO BOND 2009 Series C_D OS (PDF)
GO BOND 2009 Series A_B OS (PDF)