Unpaid Tax Listings

The County Treasurer provides unpaid tax listing reports on this page each week which capture all the open tax liens and delinquent taxes for properties in Nassau County. Unpaid property taxes are either in the form of a “tax lien” owned by a third-party investor or Nassau County, or a “delinquent tax” which is an unpaid tax item not sold or part of any tax lien.  Lien reports are generated separately for “sold” and “Nassau County” liens.  Sold liens were purchased by a third-party investor when it was presented as an item at our annual tax lien sale, Nassau County liens represent tax items presented for sale which were not purchased.  Delinquent / unpaid tax reports are generated separately for School and General tax items.  No other file formats are available other than what is provided on this page.  For more information regarding delinquent property tax items on these lists please call our delinquent tax phone line at (516) 571-3715.



The below chart illustrates all the parcel ID formats and how they translate into section, block and lot for searching in the Land Record Viewer