Unclaimed Property

Abandoned Property Escheatment of Court & Trust Funds:

Article 6 of NYS Abandoned Property Law §600(1)(a) provides for the escheatment of the following funds which shall have remained in the hands of the County Treasurer for three years, to the New York State Comptroller’s Office of Unclaimed Funds:

  • “Any moneys including the monetary proceeds from the sale of tangible personal property and securities or other intangible property paid into court, which,… shall have remained in the hands of any county treasurer… for three years, together with all accumulations of interest or other increment thereon, less such legal fees as he may be entitled to.”
  • “The monetary proceeds representing any legacy or distribution share to which an unknown person is entitled…”
  • “any moneys paid to a support bureau of a family court, for the support of a spouse or child…”

Escheatment lists are posted prior to the escheatment date on this website, all funds are transferred to NYSOUF after March 31st of each year.

If you need information pertaining to an account which has been previously escheated, you may request detail from this office pertaining to the escheatment which help locate funds at NYSOUF.