Board of Elections

JUNE 25, 2024

Any eligible voter may vote:

  • by requesting an absentee ballot. Your absentee ballot application must be received by the Board of Elections no later than June 15 (except an absentee ballot application may be delivered in person to the Board of Elections office in Mineola until June 24),
  • in person at any early voting polling place between June 15 and June 23, or
  • in person at your assigned polling place on June 25 between the hours of 6am and 9pm.

Early Voting Locations and Hours for 2024 June Primary Election

To check if you are registered to vote, including your election district information, party affiliation and voting location, Click Here.

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List of Elected Officials

Board of Elections

The Board of Elections is a New York State mandated agency funded by Nassau County administered by a bipartisan representation of the two major parties in the state; the Republican and Democratic Parties.


  • Register voters.
  • Conduct Primary, General, and Special elections.
  • Canvass election results.
  • Certify election winners.
  • Maintain registration records for those county residents who file a registration form either by mail or in person.
  • Provide registration forms to schools, universities, post offices, libraries, Department of Motor Vehicles, and designated government agencies throughout the county.

To keep records up to date we use:

  • Resident information from various sources including the Department of Health.
  • Official notifications from other Boards of Elections in the state, and throughout the country.
  • The National Change of Address Listing.

From these lists we transfer voters to new addresses, cancel those who have moved out of the county, and every April send registered voters a notice of registration to verify their residence and voting status.

Further Information

For further information, you may contact us at our offices in Mineola either in-person, by phone, or by fax.

Nassau County Board of Elections 
240 Old Country Road (5th Flr)
Mineola, New York 11501
Phone: (516) 571-VOTE (8683)
(516) 571-2411
Fax:  (516) 571-2058