Comprehensive Planning

In accordance with the Amendments to the County Charter, the Nassau County Planning Commission adopted its first Comprehensive Master Plan in December of 1998. The Amendments also mandate that the Planning Commission update the Comprehensive Plan every five years. Under this provision, the Plan Update was completed in December of 2008. The update provides a demographic and socioeconomic profile based on 2000 Census figures and some more recent sources, an overview of current conditions in Nassau County, and describes major initiatives that are both planned and underway. The 2008 Plan Update also lays the foundation for the 2009 Nassau County Master Plan.

2010 DRAFT Nassau County Master Plan

Nassau County Master Plan Update 2008 (PDF) 

Nassau County Master Plan Update 2003 (PDF) 

Nassau County Comprehensive Master Plan 1998 (PDF) 


Environmental Review

Section §1611 of the County Charter charges the Nassau County Planning Commission with providing a State Environmental Quality Review Act recommendation to the County Legislature or the County Executive regarding certain actions of the County. The Legislature or the Executive then uses that recommendation to act as Lead Agent under SEQRA.

Subdivision Review

Nassau County has jurisdiction over the subdivision of land within the unincorporated portions of the Towns of Hempstead, North Hempstead and Oyster Bay.  On average, the Nassau County Planning Department will review 120-140 subdivision applications over the course of a year.  

Zoning Referral

New York State General Municipal Law Section 239m requires that municipalities refer the following proposed actions to the Nassau County Planning Commission for its recommendation:

  • Adoption of Comprehensive Plans and Master Plans or any Plan with land use planning implications
  • Adoption or amendment of zoning ordinances and local laws that relate to land use, zoning, or environmental issues
  • Granting of use or area variance •Issuance of special or conditional use permits
  • Approval of site plan
  • Referral requirements apply to real property within 500 feet of the following:
  • Boundary of any city, village, or town
  • Boundary of any existing or proposed county or state park
  • The right-of-way of any existing or proposed county or state roadway
  • Stream, drainage channel, or recharge basin owned by the County