Toxic & Hazardous Material Storage

Facilities that store toxic & hazardous materials, regulated under Article XI of the Nassau County Public Health Ordinance (NCPHO), must register such storage areas with the Nassau County Department of Health (NCDOH).  This includes:

  • Process tank systems with an aggregate total capacity of 250 gallons designed to store a toxic or hazardous material, as defined by Article XI of the NCPHO, including all associated piping and ancillary equipment.
  • Assembly line tanks with an aggregate total capacity of 250 gallons and accessory equipment which are part of an aboveground tank system.
  • Containers, including drum storage, designed to store a toxic or hazardous material, as follows:
  • A total of 250 gallons or more of toxic or hazardous materials including chemicals, as well as well as lubricating, transmission, hydraulic, cutting and motor oils.
  • More than 27.5 gallons or more than 200 pounds of toxic or hazardous waste.
  • 50 gallons or more of halogenated hydrocarbons (cleaning fluids, etc.)
  • Road de-icing storage, as follows
  • Bulk (dry) storage of 2,000 pounds or more and/or liquid brine of a volume of 250 gallons or more.
  • Bulk storage of a toxic or hazardous material of 2,000 pounds or more.
  • Regulated medical waste, as defined in Article XI of the NCPHO.

Article XI Facility Registration Application Form 1 CLICK HERE

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The Office of Toxic & Hazardous Material Regulation can be reached at (516) 227-9691

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation can be reached at (631) 444-0320

All Chemical Spills must be reported to NYSDEC at 1-800-457-7362 and NCDOH within 2 hours of the spill occurring. Spills that meet the following criteria DO NOT need to be reported:

  • It is known to be less than five gallons in total volume
  • It is contained and under the control of the spiller
  • It has not reached and will not reach the land or waters of the State
  • It is cleaned up within two hours after discovery

Small Heating Oil Tank Closure (Heating Oil Tanks less than 1,100 gallons not located at an Article XV Regulated Facility)

If you use fuel oil to heat and/or provide hot water to your home or business, you should consider the following facts:

  • Fuel oil contains chemicals that can pollute drinking water resources.
  • We know that the movement of groundwater is such that we are currently drinking water that was recharged into the ground many years ago.
  • Fuel oil that is leaking now may reach our drinking water wells in future years.
  • If your oil tank is 30 years old or older it may be about ready to fail.




To schedule an upcoming small heating oil tank removal/abandonment, or to print out a confirmation letter for a previously completed small tank closure CLICK HERE