Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have long plagued humans in their living environment.  After the Second World War, bed bug populations seemed to decline and infestations or outbreaks by them were rare.   In the past ten years, however, bed bugs seem to be re-emerging.   Some reasons that may explain their reappearance are; changes in pest management strategies, increase in travel, and taking home previously-owned furniture.   A comprehensive approach is important in the control of bed bug infestations, since these pests are difficult to treat by one method alone.

To report problems with bed bugs:

Tenants -  Nassau County Department of Health Office of Community Sanitation -  (516) 227-9715

Homeowners - Nassau County Department of Health Healthy Homes Program - (516) 227-9459 (Residents, travelers, college students, etc.)

Hotels/Motels – Nassau County Department of Health Bureau of Environmental Sanitation -  (516) 227-9717

Links to additional resources and information:

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene-

New York State Integrated Pest Management (IPM Program) – Cornell University- Go to “What’s Bugging You” and select “Bed Bugs” for more resources.

University of Kentucky Bed Bugs Page -