Environmental Health

Environmental Health

The Division of Environmental Health (DEH) protects the community from adverse health effects resulting from environmental pollution, unsanitary conditions or unsafe practices by regulation and enforcement of the following environmental health programs mandated or delegated by the New York State Department of Health, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Nassau County Public Health Ordinance and Nassau County Legislation:

ATUPAimagehealth Opens in new window

Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention Act (ATUPA)

  • Information about ATUPA law
  • Requirements for vendors
  • ATUPA law enforcement, compliance checks, and violations
  • Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA)

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Community Sanitation

  • Information about environmental health concerns within our communities and neighborhoods, including rodents, garbage, sewage, and more. 

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Environmental Engineering

  • Information regarding the review and submission of plans for the following: public water supply, petroleum tanks, realty subdivisions, on-site sewage disposal, SPDES permits, pools, beaches, sewer connections, backflow prevention

foodprotectionhealthimage Opens in new windowFood Protection

  • Food Establishment permits
  • Food Manager’s Training Certificate
  • Temporary Events (Carnivals, Fairs, Festivals, etc.)
  • Mobile Units/Food Trucks
  • Resources for Operators

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Groundwater Protection

  • Information about Health Department Programs involved in the protection of groundwater
  • Sewer connections & closures
  • Special Groundwater Protection Areas (Article X)

Petroleum Bulk Storagehealthimage Opens in new window

Petroleum Bulk Storage

  • Information about the storage of fuel oil in tanks larger than 1,100 gallons.
  • Click here to visit the Facility Payment Portal (for Toxic & Hazardous Materials Storage / Petroleum Bulk Storage)
  • Click here to search the Toxic & Hazardous Material Storage/ Petroleum Bulk Storage Facility database.

Public Water Supplyhealthimage

Public Water Supply

  • Information about our public drinking water
  • Public Water Supply Systems in Nassau County
  • Backflow Prevention

Small Petroleum Tank Abandonments and Removalshealthimage Opens in new window

Small Petroleum Tank Abandonments and Removals

  • Small heating oil tanks less than 1,100 gallons.
  • Schedule oil tank removals and abandonments online
  • Print verification letter

Swimming Pools and Bathing Beacheshealthimage

Swimming Pools & Bathing Beaches

  • Guidance and resources for operators and the general public
  • Beach Water Monitoring Program and Beach Closures/Advisories

summer camps health image

Summer Camps

  • Information regarding the requirements to obtain a permit to operate a children’s summer camp. 

Tattoo and Body Piercinghealthimage Opens in new window

Tattoo & Body Piercing

  • Information for individuals that performs tattoo, microblading, permanent make-up, or body piercing services
  • Artist Certification Class and application
  • Tattoo/Body Piercing Studio permits

Temporary Residenceshealthimage

Temporary Residences

  • Permitting and inspections of temporary residences, including hotels, motels, and campgrounds.
  • Resources and materials for operators

Toxic and Hazardous Material Storagehealthimage Opens in new window

Toxic & Hazardous Material Storage

  • Information for facilities that store toxic & hazardous materials, regulated under Article XI of the Nassau County Public Health Ordinance

Zoonotic Diseaseshealthimage Opens in new window

Zoonotic Diseases

  • Mosquito Surveillance program
  • Information on animal bites and Rabies
  • Tickborne illness information and prevention