Animal Waste

Who is responsible for keeping a property free of animal waste?

The owner and occupant of a property are responsible, under the Public Health Laws, for keeping a property free of conditions, which are potentially adverse to public health. This includes accumulation of animal wastes. If a dog is off of its owner's property, and is not on a leash, or is not being picked up after, the local village, city, or town generally has a regulation that would address these issues.

My neighbor does not clean the cat(s) or dog(s) waste on his/her property, what can be done?

The Nassau County Public Health Ordinance prohibits property owners and occupants from allowing significant amounts of animal waste or other offensive materials from accumulating on their property. Significant accumulation is generally seen as more than a few days of waste. Nassau County residents can call the NC Department of Health - Community Sanitation Program (227-9715) if their neighbors refuse to take care of this problem. The Health Department would also respond to: insect pest conditions resulting from an accumulation of animal waste, and a very severe odor condition.

Is more information available?

For more information, please contact your local municipality:

Town of Hempstead / (516) 489-5000
Town of North Hempstead / (516) 627-0590
Town of Oyster Bay / (516) 624-6498
City of Glen Cove / (516) 676-2000
City of Long Beach / (516) 431-1000
Nassau County Village Officials Association / (516) 437-1455

If Nassau County residents have additional questions or concerns about Animal Waste in their neighborhood, they can call the NC Department of Health - Community Sanitation Program (516-227-9715).