Legal Fees

Legal Division Schedule of Fees

Item Type
Index Number$210.00
Index Number (for foreclosure actions)$400.00
Summons, Complaint, PetitionNO FEE*
Order to Show Cause$45.00*
Notice of Petition$45.00*
Request for Judicial Intervention (RJI)$95.00*
Note of Issue (RJI must be on file)$30.00*
Jury Demand (RJI & Note of Issue must be on file)$65.00*
Third Party (No New Index Number)$210.00*
Motion or Cross-Motion (RJI must be on file)$45.00*
Stipulation of Settlement$35.00*
Voluntary Discontinuance$35.00*
Notice of Appeal$65.00*
Filing of Out of State Subpoena$10.00

--------------------------------------------------------------+ $300.00 per block fee after the first
 * Must have Index Number

Item Type
Affidavit of Service, Additional MailingNO FEE
Cancellation of Lis Pendens$300.00+*
Federal Tax Liens$40.00
Federal Tax Lien Release$40.00
Federal Tax Lien Certificate of Release$5.00
Filing a Transcript$10.00
Hospital Lien, Filing of$5.00
Judgment Default Fee$45.00
Judgment, AssignmentNO FEE*
Judgment, Certificate of Disposition (CDJ) (exception: vacate, add $10.00)NO FEE
Judgment, Issue Certificate of Disposition$5.00
Judgment, ConfessionNO FEE+*
Judgment, DefaultNO FEE+*
Judgment, Issue Execution$5.00*
Notice of Lien for Common Charges$333.00
Mechanics Lien$315.00 +
Mechanics Lien, Affidavit of Service$5.00
Mechanics Lien, Amendment$300.00+
Mechanics Lien, Satisfaction of$300.00+
Notice of Assignment, Money Due on Contract$100.00+
Notice of Attachment$345.00+
Notice of Lending$315.00+
Notice of Pendency (Lis Pendens)$345.00+*
Notice of Pendency Amended$345.00+*
Notice of Violation$345.00+*
Separation Agreement$ 5.00
Separation Agreement, Amendment of$ 5.00
Separation Agreement, Revocation of$ 5.00
Small Claims Assessment Review$30.00
Subpoena Duces Tecum (for Nassau County Clerk's records)$29.00
Uniform Commercial Code$340.00+
Wage Assignment$ 5.00

County Clerk Copy & Search Fees

Item Type
Copy$ .65 per page (minimum $1.30)
Certify a Prepared Copy$ .65 per page (minimum $5.20)
Certified Copy$ 1.25 per page (minimum $ 5.00)
Prepare and Certify Certificate of Honorable Discharge$ 2.50
Exemplification$10.00 plus certification
Search of Court Records, for each name searched$ 5.00 for consecutive 2-year period or fraction thereof
Search of Court Records, for a Judgment of Divorce/Annulment$5.00
Search for Federal Tax Lien or UCC Filings$25.00
Copy of Federal Tax Lien or UCC Filings$ 5.00 per document
Certified Copy of Federal Tax Lien or UCC Filings$10.00 per document