Setting Up a Pre-Paid Account with the Nassau County Clerk

Establishing a pre-paid account eliminates the need to utilize payment methods such as check, cash or credit card and allows for more efficient transactions. Another advantage to this method of payment is that submitters do not need to be concerned with having an Underwriter guarantee your checks. To set up and maintain a pre-paid account please follow this information:

Complete the Pre-Paid Account Application form (click here), which authorizes us to establish an account. Please mail the completed Application and check for initial deposit to:

Nassau County Clerk’s Office
Attn: Accounting, Room 109
240 Old Country Road
Mineola, NY 11501

Once received, along with a check made out to Nassau County Clerk’s Office, an account will be set-up for you. This will fund the account with an initial deposit. Thereafter we will:

  • Credit the deposited amount to your account
  • When you send in paperwork to record/file or submit document requests, we will deduct both the tax and fee amounts from the account.
  • If there comes a time when there are not sufficient funds on account to allow for additional recordings, the recording will be rejected.
  • At month end we will prepare a Statement that shows each transaction made to the account during the month just ended, along with the remaining account balance.
  • If you ever want to close or suspend use of the account, we will remit all funds on account to you.