Online Forms

Online Forms

Business Forms

Certificate of Business for a Sole Proprietorship / Individual

Certificate of Conducting Business Under An Assumed Name for an Individual (also known as a DBA certificate)

Certificate of Business for Partners

Certificate of Conducting Business as Partners (2 or more owners)

Amended Business Certificate / Amends Original Certificate for Individuals

Certificate for amending the facts recited in the original certificate

Amended Business Certificate / Amends Original Certificate for Partners

Certificate for amending the facts recited in the original certificate for partners

Certificate of Discontinuance for Individual

Certificate for discontinuing a business

Certificate of Discontinuance for Partnership Certificate for discontinuing a business with 2 or more owners
Court Forms
Index Number Application (Fillable PDF File)

Index Number Application (Doc File)

This form is necessary to commence a civil court action.

Court Information Center forms These are the official forms for use in Nassau County Court proceedings. 
Proposed Short Form Commission for Art. 81 Guardianship proceedings
Note: Must be presented to the Clerk along with a certified copy of the Order & Judgment appointing guardian and certified copies of all other orders that grant the guardian powers.
Request for Certificate of Claims and Appearances/Certificate of No Exceptions.

Fees shall be submitted along with request, a receipt will then be generated once request is approved. Fees will be returned if request cannot be processed.Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.



For complete list of mandatory case types in
Nassau County Supreme Court Click Here

(Please select Nassau County Supreme Court from drop-down menu)

If you are AN ATTORNEY OR FILING AGENT unable to e-file your SCAR petition, fill out and attach the OPT-OUT form along with your petition:

Notice of opt-out from participation in action subject to mandatory filing ( Not Applicable to self represented  filers )

Small Claims Assessment Review Petitions (SCAR Petitions) (Rev. March, 2007) Available in ".pdf" format.

Instructions for Small Claims Assessment Review Petitions ".pdf" format.

Click Here to create a NYSCEF account and start a case

For NYSCEF system requirements click here

SCAR Petition form is required to appeal an Assessment Review Commission's denial of your request to reduce your property taxes.  

SCAR info sheet

County filing period for 2018 SCAR Petitions is April 2, 2018 – May 1, 2018

Partial Satisfaction of Judgment

This form is used to File a Partial Satisfaction of Judgment.

Out of State/In State Subpoena Template


“Please be advised that it is not the responsibility or obligation of the Nassau County Clerk’s Office or the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office to serve or service this document. It is incumbent upon the filer of this document to contact a local service provider for its proper and legal execution.”

Affirmation and Authorization Form

Affirmation and Authorization Instructions

Matrimonial file Affirmation and Authorization form

Instructions to obtain access to a matrimonial file by Affirmation and Authorization

Real Estate Forms

RP5217 Instructions and Form Download

Instructions For TP584
TP584 Form (Fill In)
TP584.1 Form

Instructions For IT2663
IT2663 Form
(Fill In)

Mortgage Tax No Recorded Document
Link to New York State Real Estate forms
Notary Public Forms
Notary Public License Law Law listed in html document.
Division of Licensing Services
Notary Public Walk-In Examination

Information and instructions about licensing services and Notary examination are listed in web document.
Acknowledgment of Real Property located in New York State (Real Property Law § 309-a). Available in ".pdf" format. ALL documents conveying an interest in REAL PROPERTY located in New York State that are acknowledged within New York State, including those recorded by a corporation, must be acknowledged under Real Property Law § 309-a.
Acknowledgment of Real Property located outside New York State (Real Property Law § 309-b). Available in ".pdf" format. Documents conveying interests in REAL PROPERTY LOCATED IN NEW YORK
acknowledged under either Real Property Law § 309-b or by using the form of
acknowledgment for the jurisdiction where the document is acknowledged accompanied by a certificate of conformity.
Foil Request Form Freedom of Information Law request form to obtain public records
Divorce Records Forms
Divorce Document Mail In Request Form
Instructions and Form for Obtaining Copies of Divorce Documents via Mail
Name Change Forms   Description
Name Change Instructions
Name Change Forms
(Preferred Browser Internet Explorer) 
Instructions and Forms on how to legally change your name in NYS
Court File Requisition Form   Description
 Court File Requisition Form