Notary / Business Fees

Fee Type Fee
Amended Insurance Corp $35.00
Amended Banking Statement No Fee
Amended Religious Corp $35.00
Amended Business Certificate $35.00
Authenticate Death / Birth / Marriage Certificate $5.00
Business Certificate $35.00
Banking Statement No Fee
Certified Copy of Veterans Discharge (DD214) $2.50
Certificate of Adoption $25.00 w/o Certs.
$35.00 with Certs.
Certificate of Character (to be filed with us) $10.00
Certificate of Character (to be filed in another county) $5.00
Discontinuance of Business Certificate No fee w/o Certs.
$5.00 with Certs.
Insurance Corp $35.00
Notary Authentication $3.00
Notary Renewal and Registration $60.00
Naturalizations $5.00
Religious Corp $35.00
Veterans Discharge Filing (DD214) No Fee