SCAR E-Filing Instructions

April 01, 2019 to April 30, 2019 (Filing date subject to change)– All SCAR Petitions are subject to Mandatory E-Filing for Attorneys & filing Agents. Unrepresented litigants are NOT required to e-file OR submit OPT OUT forms.

​SCAR E-Filing Instructions

To electronically file your SCAR petition, you must obtain a user ID & Password from NYSCEF website: 

To Create a User Account click here

  1. Complete & sign your SCAR petition
  2. Save document as a pdf
  3. Go to Log-in Start a New Case then  Select Case Type  *Other Real Property (Select an option): SCAR
  4. Key in homeowner’s information then proceed to $30.00 payment (AMEX & VISA/MC)
  5. County Clerk will assign a SCAR number (ER1977xxxx)
  6. Paper copy must be served on Village/City Attorney & your local school district along with Notice of Commencement Form:
  7. A courtesy copy of the SCAR petition must be given to Supreme Court, before the hearing date– Room 152 (100 Supreme court Drive, Mineola NY 11501)
  8. County Clerk’s office does NOT require a copy of your E-Filed SCAR petition. County Treasurer’s Office  and County Assessor have waived its right to be served

​SCAR Paper Filing Instructions

  1. If you are unable to file electronically, and you are self-represented, you have one of three options. You can pick up a paper copy of the petition and instructions in the County Clerk’s Office, Room 108, print the form and fill it out by hand (Click Here for Blank SCAR Petition PDF) or complete the fillable PDF on the computer, and then print it. (Click Here for Fillable SCAR Petition PDF)
  2. You must complete the petition yourself, or have a representative do it for you. The Nassau County Clerk’s clerical staff is unable to assist or advise with the filling out of any documents. The petition should include supporting statements, records and other relevant information.
  3. The completed petition must be accompanied by a $30.00 filing fee payable by cash, credit cards * (Visa, MasterCard or Amex) check, money order to the “Nassau County Clerk.”  Be sure to write your name, address, and phone number on the check and present valid photo identification upon filing in person.  *(nominal  fee for credit cards apply)
  4. Once your petition is complete, present the original petition and one copy to the County Clerk’s Division of Court Records (Room 108) for filing, where it will be assigned an AR Index Number. The AR number, which is located on the receipt next to “RefID#”, is recorded on the filed petition and is your proof of payment.
  5. When challenging your property taxes by Small Claims Assessment Review Petition, first file the petition with the County Clerk’s Office.  Be sure to prepare   necessary copies of the SCAR petition prior to filing. Once filed clearly write the AR number on each copy and serve them as follows:
    • Nassau County Clerk
      -The original petition
      -One copy

    • Nassau County Treasurer*
      -Serve one copy.  The County Treasurer is located at 1 West St, Mineola.
      * Please note the Treasurer has waived service

    • Nassau County Assessor
      Serve one copy.  The County Assessor is located at 240 Old Country Rd, Mineola, on the 4th floor.

    • Your School District
      -Send one copy to your school district.

    • Your Incorporated Village
      Send one copy to your incorporated village, if applicable.

    • Your Records
      Retain one copy for your personal records.