SCAR E-Filing Instructions

April 02, 2018 to May 03, 2018 (Filing date subject to change)– All SCAR Petitions are subject to Mandatory E-Filing for Attorneys & filing Agents. Unrepresented litigants are NOT required to e-file OR submit OPT OUT forms.

To electronically file your SCAR petition, you must obtain a user ID & Password from NYSCEF website: 

To Create  User  Account

  1. Complete & sign your SCAR petition
  2. Save document as a pdf
  3. Go to Log-in Start a New Case then  Select Case Type  *Other Real Property (Select an option): SCAR
  4. Key in homeowner’s information then proceed to payment (AMEX & VISA/MC)
  5. County Clerk will assign a SCAR number (ER1577xxxx)
  6. Paper copy must be served on Village/City Attorney & your local school district along with NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT FORM:
  7. A courtesy copy of the SCAR petition must be given to Supreme Court
  8. County Clerk’s office does NOT require a copy of your E-Filed SCAR petition. County Treasurer’s Office has waived its right to be served