Office Overview


The Nassau County Clerk services the residents of Nassau County in three general areas.


The Nassau County Clerk maintains a record of real estate transactions and makes them available to the public and the title industry for their use. The office is responsible for:

  • Recording deeds, mortgages, and mortgage satisfactions.
  • Computing, collecting and disbursing transfer and mortgage taxes.
  • Providing certified copies of recorded documents including deeds, mortgages and mortgage satisfactions.
  • Recording commercial chattel mortgages, building loans, and their dispositions.
  • Maintaining county land and subdivision maps.


The Nassau County Clerk serves as the Clerk of the Supreme and County Courts. The office is responsible for:

  • Receiving and processing all applications for Supreme Court Index numbers, requests for judicial intervention, notes of issue and jury demands.
  • Indexing and maintaining all Supreme Court documents and case files, and providing public access and certified copies of documents upon request.
  • Filing transcripts of judgment from other courts as well as federal tax liens and state tax warrants.
  • Providing Certificates of Disposition of judgments.
  • Recording all liens and satisfactions and discharges of liens.
  • Recording separation agreements as submitted.
  • Recording matrimonial judgments and issuing certified copies or Certificates of Divorce and annulment upon request of a party involved.
  • Processing all applications for a change of name in conjunction with the court, maintaining and making available to the public, a record of the change.
  • Receiving and processing of Notices of Appeal to the Appellate Division.
  • Receiving and processing applications for Small Claims Assessment Review.


The Nassau County Clerk accepts for filing several federal, state and county licenses and certificates. The office is responsible for:

  • Registering and filing all new Business Names.
  • Maintaining records of businesses incorporated in New York State and doing business in Nassau County.
  • Filing and maintaining signature cards and oath of office cards of all Notary Publics qualified in Nassau County.
  • Authenticating Notary signatures upon request.
  • Recording military discharge papers and providing certified copies upon request.
  • Processing of United States Passport applications.
  • Issuing of Veterans Peddlers licenses.
  • Recording of Firefighter Exemption certificates.
  • Maintaining Naturalization records from 1899 to 1987.