Notary Public

Please Note Important Advisory on Notarial Certification

The Nassau County Clerk processes the necessary forms for Notary Publics after their appointments by New York State Secretary of State and maintains records of all notaries and validates notary signatures upon request.

A notary public is a person or public officer appointed by the state government to witness the signing of important documents in order to render them admissible as evidence of the facts that are contained in those documents. A notary administers oaths and affirmations as to the truth of statements contained in papers or documents requiring the administration of an oath.

How to Become a Notary Public

A Nassau County resident who wishes to become a notary public may obtain the notary public walk-in examination schedule, notary public license law booklet, and application at the Notary Division of the Nassau County Clerk's Office.

Written Examination
The written examination is based on material contained in the most current notary public license law booklet, which may also include questions pertaining to general knowledge and reasoning ability.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum Age - 18
  • Residency Requirement - State of New York*
  • Exam - Yes

*Out-of-state residents, including attorneys admitted to the NYS Bar, must have their office or place of business within the State of New York to qualify as a notary public.

Notary Provisions

  • Term - Four years
  • Commission Fee - $60 plus $15 at time of exam*
  • Bond Requirement - None
  • Seal Requirement - None
  • Jurisdiction - New York State

*Exam fee is due on the date of the exam, payable by check or money order to the Department of State. Cash is not accepted.

How Notaries are Commissioned

Notaries are commissioned by the Secretary of State after the walk-in examination has been passed and the application has been reviewed. Notary publics operate under the auspices of the New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing Services.

Notary Renewals

All notaries registered in Nassau County will receive a renewal information letter from the County Clerk's Office along with a renewal application. A notary who wishes to renew his / her commission must complete and sign the application and oath of office card.

Renewal Fee

A fee of $60 is due at time of renewal. Please make check or money order payable to the Nassau County Clerk.

Renewal Application
To process a renewal application, the completed application, renewal card, and renewal fee can be mailed to:

Nassau County Clerk's Office

Notary Division

240 Old Country Road

Mineola, New York 11501

Renewal In Person
If you choose to renew your commission in person, bring the renewal application, renewal card, and renewal fee to Room 108 in the County Clerk's Office. The Notary Division will accept cash as payment.

Notaries & the County Clerk

Upon passing the examination, which is administered by the Department of State, paying the appropriate fees, and completing the required paper work, the commission and an oath of office card is sent to the Nassau County Clerk from the New York State Secretary of State. This card is filed and maintained in the Office of the County Clerk.

Responsibilities of the County Clerk
The Nassau County Clerk processes the necessary forms for notary publics after their appointments by New York State Secretary of State and maintains records of all notaries.

The County Clerk verifies the authenticity of a Notary's signature. Authentication of a notary public's signature is often required when foreign and other jurisdictions are involved. In addition, when a commission is near its expiration, the County Clerk will notify the notary that his / her notary renewal is due.

Notaries Filed in Another New York County

Any New York State licensed notary public may establish himself / herself as a notary on file in Nassau County by completing the following:

  • Obtaining a Certificate of Official Character:
    • This card must be obtained from the County Clerk's Office where you reside
    • The fee may be paid by cash or check / money order payable to the Nassau County Clerk
    • $10 filing fee with Nassau County Clerk
    • $5 fee to be issued when filing with another county

Certificate of Official Character
The Certificate of Official Character Card for Nassau County expires on the same date as the notary's regular commission. To remain on file in Nassau County, the above procedures must be repeated each time the commission is renewed.