Neighborhood Information Resources

Property Records Search

Search for property records, including newly reassessed values, based on address.

Census Data
Offers complete demographic data from the 2000 census, including statistics on per capita income, home ownership, and education levels.

Nassau County Specific Census Information

New York State Sex Offender Registry Look up
To look up registered sex offenders in your area, visit the above link, you must first view the disclaimer on the page, enter your name and address. Click "search" and another page will appear. To view all registered sex offenders in Nassau County, enter "Nassau" in the County pulldown menu. You can further customize your search by name or zip code on this page.

Nassau County History Page
A complete historical reference including historical information on census, real estate, religious groups, plus news archives and current local news.

Long Island Index
Select "Community Profiles" for detailed tables on population and demographics in Nassau in the Long Island Index.