Budget Process

The Office of Management and Budget formulates an annual budget for the coming year for the administration. That proposed budget is then forwarded to members of the Legislature for review. The budget is then reviewed by members of the Legislature. They in turn either accept the administration's budget as is, or they make recommendations for changes to the budget. Those changes, as well as the administration's proposed budget are aired during a public hearing. At that time, members of the public as well as department heads and managers are welcome to discuss the proposed budget and proposed budget amendments. Further amendments may be made based upon the recommendations of the department heads and managers. Any and all amendments as well as the amended budget are then approved or disapproved by the Legislature. It must be done by October 30 of the current year. A majority of the Legislature (10 members) must vote in favor of the budget and amendments if there are any, for the budget to be adopted. The County Executive then has 10 days in which to sign the budget/amended budget. If the County Executive vetoes any part of the budget or amendments, the Legislature may override the County Executive's vetoes with 13 votes. View Budget Documents.