Hurricane Preparedness

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Dear Neighbors 

Hurricane season begins June 1st and extends through November. While the probability of our region being affected begins to heighten in August, the time is now to prepare yourself and your loved ones. 

In Nassau County, we have taken the many lessons learned from Hurricane Irene and implemented a comprehensive strategy including the updating of many of our plans, the building upon of partnerships and the expansion of trainings. If you have not done so already, I urge you to do the same assessment in your own household and prepare for hurricanes and all types of hazards. 

As part of our ongoing effort, I am pleased to provide Nassau residents with this brochure on how you and your loved ones can best prepare for hurricanes. In addition to the content here, I encourage you to watch our 5 minute Hurricane Video.

It is estimated that 80-90% of people living in hurricane prone areas think they have experienced the worst of a major hurricane, it is most likely they have not. Although Hurricane Irene may have decreased this statistic in our area, I urge all Nassau County residents to prepare now regardless of whether or not you were affected by Irene last summer. 

The time is now to get informed, make a plan, build a kit, and get involved. I hope you will join me.


Nassau County Executive

Remember -“911” Calls Are For Emergency Situations Only

TTY Relay Operator 800-421-1220
Nassau County Office of Emergency Management (516) 573-0636
Nassau County Office of Emergency Management E-mail:
Nassau County Main Number (516) 571-3000
Nassau County American Red Cross (516) 747-3500
Nassau County Police (516) 573-7000
Town of North Hempstead (516) 627-0590
Town of Hempstead (516) 489-5000
Town of Oyster Bay (516) 677-5757
City of Glen Cove (516) 676-2000
Glen Cove Police Department (516) 676-1000
City of Long Beach (516) 431-1000
City of Long Beach Police Department (516) 431-1800

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