OEM Initiatives and Goals

Departmental Goals

  • To provide Nassau County with a support team of professional personnel that are capable of responding to large complex events.
  • The development of plans addressing procedures and responsibilities in the management of disasters in Nassau County.
  • To modernize the coordination capabilities of the County regarding real-time gathering and the disseminating of critical information between County, State and Federal Agencies.
  • Simulating events for disaster training exercises and resource management.
  • To develop a command center staffed by key personnel from responding departments during a disastrous event. This center will be equipped with cutting-edge communication and computer software.
  • To provide the County with a higher state of preparedness for disastrous events.
  • To provide Nassau County with a broad scope of human services before, during and after large complex events. Such services will include sheltering, special needs and coordinating with voluntary agencies active in disaster (VOAD).

Departmental Objectives

  • To develop an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and related annexes detailing the procedures to be carried out during and after a disastrous event.
  • To develop an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) where representatives from all responding departments are centralized to effectively manage the event. This will include an emergency management software program to enhance 'event' management.
  • To coordinate and develop emergency disaster exercises in the County.
  • To continuously monitor hazardous weather conditions and to engage in intelligence gathering relative to threatening conditions.
  • To enhance the networking of communication systems among the various responding agencies during a disaster.
  • To coordinate numerous actives and meetings with the Red Cross and other VOAD agencies that would respond to the County's human services needs during and after a disastrous event.
  • Develop plans addressing mass care services.
  • Sheltering, food distribution.
  • To Coordinate with Federal Emergency Management Agency and the State Emergency Management Office on meeting the recovery needs of the county departments and Municipalities.
  • To research and write grants related to state and federal funding for all emergency management programs.
  • To prepare State mandated quarterly reports related to federal and state funding.