County Legislature

The Nassau County Legislature, formed in 1996, is the legislative arm of the Nassau County government. Comprised of single representatives from each of the county’s 19 districts, it is the legislature’s duty to draft and approve local laws that affect the county and its residents.

Nicolello New HS APR2019 WEB 75x100

District 9
Richard J. Nicolello

Deputy Presiding OfficerHoward J. KopelLegislator

District 7
Howard J. Kopel

Alt. Deputy Presiding OfficerDenise FordLegislator

District 4
Denise Ford

Minority Caucus LeaderKevan AbrahamsLegislator

District 1
Kevan Abrahams

Siela A. BynoeLegislator
District 2
Carrie SolagesLegislator
District 3
District 5
C. William Gaylor IIILegislator
District 6
Vincent T. MuscarellaLegislator
District 8
John J. Giuffrè
Mazi Melesa Pilip
District 10

Delia DeRiggi-WhittonLegislator
District 11
James KennedyLegislator
District 12
Thomas McKevittLegislator
District 13
Laura SchaeferLegislator
District 14
John R. Ferretti Jr.
District 15
Arnold W. DruckerLegislator
District 16
Rose Marie WalkerLegislator
District 17
Josh Lafazan Legislator
District 18
Giangregorio Web HS 2023 75x100Legislator
District 19
Michael J. Giangregorio


The Nassau County Legislature is based on a committee system, consisting of 15 committees. Resolutions and local laws are assigned to a committee (or committees) of the Legislature for consideration and potential approval. If approved in committee(s), the resolutions and local laws are placed on the calendar of the full Nassau County Legislature for consideration. Committees and the full Legislature may also conduct hearings as warranted. As per the Nassau County Charter, contracts are handled differently. Certain contracts for personal services, professional services, and other similarly characterized contracts, as well as purchasing and public works contracts are reviewed and potentially approved in the Rules Committee only. The public is invited to attend or view the stream of all committee meetings and meetings of the full Legislature.  A specific time period is allotted for public comment before each regular meeting of the full Legislature.