Nassau County Volunteer Fire Service College Assistance

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Nassau County Firefighters College Tuition Assistance Program

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Dear Volunteer,

Nassau County families and seniors depend on our volunteers who respond to fire, rescue, and emergency medical services.

In response to this need for volunteers, Nassau County has developed the Volunteer Scholarship Program as an incentive for people to serve in the volunteer emergency.

The scholarship program was developed as a way to recruit and retain volunteers in response to a need identified by our county's volunteer fire departments and fire department EMS providers.

Developed by the Office of Emergency Management and Funded by Nassau County, this innovative program is available for full time and part time students entering Nassau Community College. Volunteers under the scholarship program will be eligible to have tuition paid while maintaining their membership as an active member in good standing in one of Nassau County's volunteer fire companies or fire department EMS providers. There is no limitation as to the academic program the recruit can enter at the Nassau Community College campus.

A student/volunteer must maintain volunteer activity and training levels and certain academic objectives during their course of study and must commit to a post-education service obligation of one year for each year of scholarship received.