Backflow Prevention

What is a backflow prevention device?

The backflow prevention device is a complex mechanical unit that prevents the reversal of water flow and subsequent contamination of the water supply from irrigation systems, etc. This may occur when there is a loss of water pressure in the street water main due to a water main break, over pumping of fire hydrants or a generalized system pressure loss. Homeowners may be required to install a backflow prevention device if they have an inground irrigation system, solar heating system or a private well on their property.

Why do I need to test my backflow prevention device every year?

The New York State Sanitary Code, Part 5 and the Nassau County Public Health Ordinance require annual testing of the unit to confirm proper function. A listing of New York State Health Department Certified Testers is available at your public water supply office.

Who do I call for more information about backflow prevention device installations?

You may call your public water supplier to determine if a backflow prevention device is needed and to determine the type of device required. If you have additional questions you may call the Office of Water Supply Operations at (516) 227-9692.