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Vaccines are the safest way to protect you, your children, and your community from a long list of serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses. Vaccines protect you by preparing your immune system to recognize and fight serious, and sometimes deadly, diseases. From infants to senior citizens, getting vaccines on time is one of the most important ways to protect yourself and others from serious diseases and infections. For additional information, contact The Office of Immunizations at 516-227-9416.

School Vaccinations Requirements

Children attending day care and pre-K through 12th grade in New York State must receive all required doses of vaccines on the recommended schedule in order to attend or remain in school. This is true unless they have a valid medical exemption to immunization. This includes all public, private, and religious schools. A medical exemption is allowed when a child has a medical condition that prevents them from receiving a vaccine. There are no nonmedical exemptions to school vaccine requirements in NYS.

The CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) establishes the recommended vaccine schedule and determines when vaccines are due.

2023-24 School Year New York State Immunization Requirements for School Entrance/Attendance

For School Districts & Nurses: School Immunization Toolkit

Childhood & Adolescent Immunizations

It is very important that all children get all vaccines according to the recommended vaccination schedule. The schedule is designed to provide children with the protection they need when they need it most.  Getting all of their recommended shots on time gives them the best protection from serious and sometimes deadly diseases.

Adult Immunizations

Immunizations are NOT just for children! Adults of all ages need immunizations to keep us healthy. The specific vaccines recommended for adults may depend on factors such as age, health conditions, lifestyle and risk factors, and travel plans.

New York State Department of Health Adult Immunization Schedule

Immunizations for International Travel

For complete health information for international travel including vaccine recommendations, visit the CDC’s Traveler’s Health website.

The following sites offer information for overseas travel:

Nassau University Medical Center (516) 296-3314
North Shore University Hospital (516) 562-4280
NYU Winthrop Hospital Family Travel Clinic (516) 663-9414
Stony Brook University Travel Medicine Services (631) 444-6250

Additional Resources

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