Healthy Moms and Babies

Healthy Women Have Healthy Babies

Tomorrow's healthy babies start with today's healthy mothers. The Healthy Mothers and Babies Initiative works to keep women healthy before, during and after pregnancy. The program encourages women who may become pregnant or are planning to have a baby to access prenatal care early and live healthy lives in preparation for motherhood. The program also helps mothers understand the importance of a nutritious diet to ensure a healthy baby and family. This initiative teaches women about the value of maintaining good health at all times, not only when they are pregnant.

Resources for Healthy Moms and Babies:

Perinatal Mood Disorders

Ask The Question?
Ask the Question is a campaign designed to enlist those who know, care for, or care about a new mom to ask her the simple question, “How are you?” Find out how she is feeling and coping in the weeks and months after giving birth.

Perinatal Mood Disorder Poster -
You Are Not Alone
You Are Not Alone (Spanish)

New York Center for Sudden Infant Death -

For more information please contact Angeles Davila from the Nassau County Department of Health Perinatal Network at (516) 227-9456.