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Nassau County Cribs for Kids Chapter Report: 2/2015 through 5/2020


Cribs for Kids is a national Infant Safe Sleep Initiative, with the mission of providing a safe-sleep education program for parents and caregivers which includes the intervention of a safety-approved crib if the family cannot otherwise afford one.

Nassau County is a Cribs for Kids partner looking to reduce the risk of injury and death of infants due to unsafe sleep environments.


The Nassau County Cribs for Kids chapter, via community partners, provides those that are eligible with a Graco Pack 'n Play and safe sleep survival kit that is delivered to the recipient's home at no charge (see below). The survival kit is available in both English and Spanish and includes:

  • Halo sleep sack
  • Graco Pack 'n Play Sheet with safe sleep message
  • Safe Sleep ABC Photo Magnet
  • Philips Soothie Pacifier
  • Safe Sleep Educational Material
  • A 10 minute Safe Sleep DVD
  • Sleep Baby Safe and Sound Children's Book

In addition to the items provided above, education is provided by the partner agency at the home of the recipient.


The Nassau County Child Fatality Review Team has reviewed 27 cases since 2007 where infants were placed in unsafe sleep environments which could not be eliminated as a risk factor in the death.

Every year approximately 4,500 babies die suddenly and unexpectedly in their sleep from accidental suffocation, strangulation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). SIDS is the leading cause of infantCribs for kids death between one month and one year of age. SIDS is the sudden death of a baby under the age of one year that remains unexplained after the performance of an autopsy, an examination of the scene of death, and a review of the baby's medical history. It is twice as likely to occur in an African-American baby compared to Caucasian babies. Although the SIDS rates have been declining, the rates of Sudden Unexplained Infant Deaths (SUID) have been increasing.

Sharing a bed with an adult or another child, increases an infant's risk of death from sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS or other sleep-related causes. To reduce infants' risk of sleep-related deaths, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that infants sleep in the same room, but not in the same bed, as caregivers.Cribs, portable cribs bassinets, or playpens that meet safety standards can be placed next to the caregiver's bed. Infants should not be placed to sleep on an adult bed at any time.


Referral to the Cribs for Kids program is via our partner agencies who have committed to provide the education and follow-up on safe sleep. Current partners:

Partners: click here

**If you are interested in becoming a partner of the Cribs for Kids program please contact the Nassau County Department of Health 

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