Measurement Devices & Scales

The Office of Consumer Affairs Weights & Measures Division is responsible for testing all weighing and measuring devices used in retail trade in Nassau County. In order to do this, we maintain a database of all the various businesses, which use weighing and measuring devices to determine the price of their goods and services.

Our inspection program consists of unannounced annual inspections of these devices for accuracy and compliance with the regulations that apply to their method of use. After inspection, tamper proof seals are placed on all adjustments, which could affect the accuracy of the device. We then perform random compliance checks to assure that these seals are intact and the device is still accurate. Violations are issued to any establishment found to have broken or removed these seals without notifying our Office.

The Weights & Measures Division is also responsible for checking the accuracy of quantity statements on packaged consumer commodities. We routinely check all types of packaged commodities found in retail stores to assure that the labeled quantity statement is accurate. The products we check range from fresh meat packed in stores to goods that are packaged at the plants of companies which distribute their products nationwide.

Gasoline quality is also a responsibility of the Weights & Measures Division. We have an ongoing petroleum quality assurance program consisting of random sampling of motor fuels offered for sale at gasoline stations. These samples are tested for proper octane and compliance with clean air and MTBE content regulations.

Listed below are the most common devices the Weights & Measures Division inspects: SCALES: ranging in capacity from jewelry and pharmacy scales to those found in delis and supermarkets all the way up to vehicle scales used to weigh tractor-trailer trucks.

GASOLINE PUMPS: including those found at automotive service station and marinas.

FUEL OIL DELIVERY VEHICLES: used to deliver heating oil to homes and commercial buildings.

LINEAR MEASURING DEVICES: used to measure fabrics in sewing and craft stores and rope and wire in hardware and home improvement stores. In addition to these common devices we also check instruments such as timing devices, coin counters, and specialized laboratory equipment.

For more information regarding the certification of these devices by the Office of Consumer Affairs, please Contact Weights and Measures.