Laws Enforced by Consumer Affairs

County laws that protect consumers are generally enforced by the Office of Consumer Affairs with Jurisdiction for such enforcement provided for by the Nassau County Administrative Code or by the local law or ordinance.


Nassau County Administrative Code (PDF) - (.pdf file)*
*See Sections 21-10.0 through 21-33.9 and 21.19 for laws relating to Consumer Affairs.

New York State Credit Card Surcharge Law - (.pdf file)

Drop-side Cribs (Local Law 2-2010) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Snow Removal - Ordinance 20-2018 (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Adult Material Law (Local Law 6- 2000) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

ATM Law (Local Law 2-2005) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

ATV Law (Local Law 14-2006) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Ban on Polystyrene Containers (Local Law 7-2019)

Drop-Off-Bins (Local Law 3-2010 (PDF)) - (.pdf file)

Drycleaners and Laundromats Law (Local Law 17-2012) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Electronic or Home Appliance Repair Law (Local Law 14-2012) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Environmental Hazard Remediation (Local Law 13-2014) (PDF) - (pdf file)

Health Club Operator Law (PDF)- ( .pdf file )

Home Improvement – Nassau County Administrative Code (See Sections 21-10.0 through 21-11.16)

Home Services Business Law (Local Law 16-2012) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Invasive Species Law (Local Law 24-2007) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Item Pricing and Pricing Accuracy (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Locksmith Law (Local Law 19-2007) (PDF)- (.pdf file) 

Locksmith Law Amendments LL2-LL6 (Local Law 12-2014) (PDF)- (.pdf file)

Perishable Foods (Local Law 7-1976) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Pet Dealers and Pet Stores Law (Local Law 11-2014) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Plastic Bag Reduction Law (Local Law 4-2008) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

RAL & RAC Laws (Local Law 13- 2004) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Restaurant Special Law (Local Law 3-2009) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Sale of Flavored E-Cigarette..(Local Law 29-2019)

Scrap Metal Processors, Vehicle Dismantlers and Junk Dealers Law (Local Law 15-2012) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Second-Hand Precious Metal and Gem Dealers Law (Local Law 21-2012) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Seizure Law for Home Improvement (Local Law 10-2004) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Tax Assessment Reduction Services (PDF)-(.pdf file )

TLC Seizure Law (Ordinance 113-2005) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Storage Warehouses Law (Local Law 19-2012) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Unfair Trade Practices (Local Law 2-1970) (PDF)

Video Game Law (Local Law 16-2006) (PDF) - (.pdf file)


Auto Advertising Guidelines (PDF)

Dry Cleaners and Laundromat Business Regulations (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Electronic or Home Appliance Service Dealer Regulations (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Environmental Hazard Remediation Regulations (PDF) - (.pdf file) 

Health Club Operator Regulation (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Home Improvement Regulations (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Home Services Business Regulations (PDF) - (.pdf file) 

Locksmith Business - Regulations (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Pet Dealers & Pet Stores Regulations (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Rules and Regulations Concerning Home Fuel Oil Sales, Delivery and Service Contracts (PDF)

Scrap Metal Processors, Vehicle Dismantlers and Junk Dealers Regulations (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Second Hand Precious Metals and Gem Dealers Regulations) (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Storage Warehouse Operators Regulations (PDF) - (.pdf file)

Tax Assessment Reduction Service (PDF) - (.pdf file)