Renewing a License

Please be advised that in order for your license to be renewed, you MUST submit the following:

  • Completed Application: All information must be filled in and all questions must be answered including your businesses banking Information (this is not for payment).
  • Payment: A valid payment must be made by company check payable to the “County of Nassau”.
  • Late Fee: Vendors must pay a late fee of $110, if their renewal application (with payment) is submitted more that fifteen (15) days after their license expired.

    Please Note: Vendors are permitted to renew their licenses up to three (3) months after their license expires. The $110 late fee will be required. After ninety (90) days, the vendor must make an appointment to speak with the commissioner to seek permission to submit their late renewal application. If the vendor is allowed to renew late, their original expiration month and date remain. No renewal of a license will be allowed if the vendor applies more than one (1) calendar year following the expiration.
  • Name/Address Change: Please visit for detailed instructions on the process of changing name and/or address for company/principals/owners etc.
  • Insurance Certificate: Valid Certificate of Business Liability Insurance with your completed renewal. The description MUST match the type of work that you are licensed to perform. If you are hiring sub-contractors, you must have “sub-contracting” listed on your policy. For Insurance requirements, please visit
  • Workers Comp. Certificate: A Certificate of Work- man's Compensation is required covering all employees (form U26 or 105.2). If you DO NOT have employees, you must submit a Certificate of Attestation Exemption (CE-200) form from the Workman's Compensation Board. For more information on these forms, please visit the NYS Workers Compensation Board at
  • Lead Certificate: All Nassau County Home Improvement contractors required must provide a current RRP Lead Certification Certificate (40 CFR 745.225) in an owners/officers name with their renewal. (See Rule 18 of the Rules & Regulations Relating To The Home Improvement Business)
  • Bond: A bond in the correct business name, if required (must be valid for 2 years). For Health Clubs Only; (as per D- 24 of Local Law Section 21-32.3) bond or proof that you are exempt.

If you have any questions regarding these instructions, contact us at or come in person to the Department of Consumer Affairs at:
 240 Old Country Road
 3rd Floor
 Mineola, NY 11501