Item Pricing Waiver Program Information


Nassau County requires all individual store stock items, with few exceptions, to be individually labeled with a price tag (Nassau County Administrative Code § 21-18.2). For example, items including but not limited to: cans of paint, boxes of cereal, and articles of clothing, require an attached item price label for each can, box or article of clothing.  Item Pricing is a basic consumer right.
The Department of Consumer Affairs conducts routine and random item pricing inspections to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances and rules and regulations of Nassau County, including but not limited to the requirement that individual items for sales are labeled with a price tag.


If your store utilizes a computer assisted checkout system, then it may be eligible to participate in the Nassau County Department of Consumer Affairs Item Pricing and Price Accuracy Waiver Program. This program allows eligible stores to opt out of having to price each individual item. Instead, participating stores utilize existing price check scanners and maintain an accuracy rate of 98 percent or better for all scanned items.
Attached below is an application for the Nassau County Department of Consumer Affairs Item Pricing Waiver Program. If you choose to participate, Consumer Affairs will perform a minimum of two inspections annually for pricing accuracy. During these inspections, items are sampled for pricing accuracy using your store’s price scanners and point of sales terminals.   

Application For Annual Waiver of Item Pricing Requirements

Nassau County Administrative Code
*See Section 21-18.0

Kindly contact us if you have any question regarding this program or need assistance completing the application.