Temporary Residences

Temporary Residences


The Temporary Residence program provides fire safety and sanitary control over motels and hotels. It also inspects and monitors campgrounds, mobile home parks, and mass gatherings.

In Nassau County, owners of Temporary Residences, such as hotels and motels, must obtain a Nassau County Department of Health permit and must operate in compliance with New York State Sanitary Code Subpart 7-1. Temporary Residences are considered facilities that are maintained primarily for overnight occupancy by 11 or more people but are not intended to be occupied by the same persons in excess of 180 consecutive days. Inspections are conducted annually by this Department to ensure compliance and safety.

To secure a Temporary Residence permit for an existing establishment, you must submit a completed application, appropriate fee, and supporting documentation. Prior to construction or renovation of a Temporary Residence, the operator must submit plans and applications for review to this Department. Please call 516-227-9717 to inquire about applying.

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