Tobacco Sales To Minors

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Tobacco Sales To Minors

What is the law regarding tobacco sales to minors?

Tobacco products cannot be sold to anyone under 19 years of age in Nassau County. Vendors who sell tobacco products are required to check the ID (a state issued drivers license, a Department of Motor Vehicles issued non-driver ID, military ID or passport are the required forms of ID) of all people who want to purchase tobacco products, if they appear to be younger than 25 years of age. Federal guidelines suggest asking for ID from any person who appears to be 27 years old, or younger.

What is Nassau County Health Department doing to try to stop tobacco sales to minors?

Nassau County Health Department runs a compliance check program. Each year we witness the attempt by a minor to purchase tobacco products in all facilities that offer tobacco products for sale. Every retail tobacco vendor in the County will be checked at least once each year. Vendors who have sold tobacco to a minor in recent years will be checked more frequently. Most tobacco vendors in Nassau County comply with the regulation, and in recent years approximately 90% of all vendors were in compliance.

What should I do if I know of a tobacco retailer selling tobacco to minors?

The Nassau County Health Department will respond to complaints about retailers selling tobacco to minors by doing an additional compliance check. If the complaint is verified, the vendor will face enforcement action and fines. Anyone who knows of a facility in Nassau County that is selling tobacco to minors is encouraged to call our Adolescent Tobacco (ATUPA) Program at (516) 227-9617.

Is more information available?

You can visit the following web site(s) for more information: NY State Health Department – Tobacco - NY State Health Department – Tobacco website

If Nassau County residents have additional questions or concerns regarding The Sale of Tobacco Products to Minors, they can call the Nassau County Department of Health – Adolescent Tobacco (ATUPA) Program (516) 227-9617.